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The website, registered with NameSilo, LLC, and operational since May 12, 2023, presents itself as a legitimate trading platform associated with cryptocurrency. With its registration set to expire on May 11, 2024, and the domain information last updated on October 3, 2023, the site operates under the privacy protection services of LLC, based in Phoenix, Arizona. Hosted by Cloudflare, it utilizes the cloud services provider to mask its true IP address, a common practice for maintaining anonymity online. Despite its seemingly credible setup, the platform’s authenticity is questionable, including Cloudflare’s DNS servers and

The site’s digital presence is minimal, reflected in its low Semrush Domain Rank of 4.9M, indicating a lack of significant traffic or online authority. With only 36 organic search visits per month and a mere two keywords driving its search engine visibility, struggles to establish a robust online footprint. The domain’s backlink profile consists of 55 backlinks from 14 referring domains, suggesting some level of online interaction, albeit limited.

Notably, the platform’s WHOIS data and hosting information are obscured by Cloudflare, a strategy often employed by websites to protect owner identity and mitigate direct attacks or inquiries. This level of anonymity, while not uncommon, raises red flags when combined with the website’s low engagement and visibility metrics.

Further investigation reveals mixed signals regarding the site’s legitimacy. References to in backlinks and indexed pages offer superficial validation, with mentions of it being a “USA best and smartest trading platform.” However, the overwhelming use of nofollow links, particularly in referrals from scam detection and review sites, underscores the platform’s dubious nature. The consistency of the website’s association with scam-related content, alongside its minimal organic search traffic and engagement, paints a concerning picture of its operations. Review presents itself as a sophisticated platform for cryptocurrency, forex trading, and stock market investments. It purports to offer a wealth of financial trading experience, promising its clients lucrative returns through various trading and investment strategies.

The platform provides educational resources through the CoinGOBL Academy, purportedly to equip investors with the knowledge needed for successful trading.

It advertises services such as instant withdrawals, strong security measures, and a regulated and insured operation, which, on the surface, might appeal to potential investors looking for legitimate trading opportunities.

Contact details provided on the website include an address (2810 Henry Ford Avenue, Tulsa 74145 – Oklahoma, USA), an email (, and a general representation of being regulated by financial authorities such as the Financial Tech Authority of Oklahoma, the Cyprus Security Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the U.S. National Futures Association (NFA), and a membership with the Financial Commission. These details are designed to instill confidence in users about the platform’s legitimacy and security.

Red Flags

However, several serious red flags suggest that may not be a legitimate operation. Firstly, the use of a generic email address ( and the provision of a physical address that does not lend itself easily to verification are common tactics used by fraudulent sites to appear credible.

The claim of being regulated by multiple reputable financial authorities is a significant assertion that requires validation; fraudulent platforms often lie about such affiliations to appear trustworthy.

The insistence on deposits being made in Bitcoin, coupled with promises of high returns, instant withdrawals, and a referral program, mirrors common characteristics of investment scams. The educational aspect, with courses starting at $399, could be another avenue for the site to solicit funds from unsuspecting victims under the guise of providing value.

Requiring additional deposits to unlock supposed returns is a classic hallmark of a scam, designed to continually extract funds from victims without ever providing the promised returns.

Moreover, the website’s domain information, showing a recent registration date and privacy protection services to hide the owner’s identity, adds another layer of suspicion. The use of Cloudflare to mask the IP address and the site’s hosting details further obscures the true nature and location of the operation, making it difficult for victims and authorities to trace the perpetrators. Reviews

The narrative surrounding CoinGOBL, as extracted from various online discussions and complaints, paints a concerning picture of a sophisticated scam operation. CoinGOBL, which presents itself as a legitimate cryptocurrency investment platform, has been associated with numerous reports of fraudulent activities.

Victims recount being enticed into depositing funds with promises of high returns through contract trading, only to find themselves unable to withdraw their profits.

The scam appears to be multifaceted, involving initial small profit returns to build trust, followed by encouragement to invest larger sums into exclusive projects like the “Falcon Project.”

Victims report being blocked or removed from the platform’s communication channels upon attempting to withdraw substantial amounts.

The scam is further elaborated through various online platforms, including Reddit, where users share their experiences and warnings about CoinGOBL and related sites. Discussions reveal a pattern of deceit, with CoinGOBL allegedly operating under multiple domain names, all sharing common errors and suspicious information, suggesting a large-scale operation designed to defraud investors of millions.

Moreover, victims’ attempts to seek help and recover their funds are met with additional scams, including offers from supposed recovery agents. The discussions are filled with warnings against these recovery scams, emphasizing the need for caution and thorough research before engaging with investment platforms.

The consensus among victims and observers is clear: CoinGOBL is a scam, and potential investors should steer clear to avoid financial loss. Detailed accounts and warnings are a crucial resource for anyone considering investing in cryptocurrency platforms, highlighting the importance of vigilance and due diligence in digital investment.

BBB Review

On December 11, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by a person who reported being scammed for $240,000 by a cryptocurrency scam:

The scammer ran an advertisement on Instagram inviting people to join their trading group. The trading platform was, which appeared legitimate at first. They claimed to be associated with the Fidelity Management Group, possessing names and IDs identical to the real ones. They even encouraged the group to verify this information, which seemed legitimate. We traded for three months without issues until I participated in the Falcon Project, which required a substantial investment of $200,000 to trade. Those who did not join the Falcon Project were blocked. It seemed as though only a few people were operating the scam, with peculiar language use being a notable red flag. Susan would persistently urge us to invest more money to increase our profits. The platform had many users.

CoinGOBL Review Conclusion

The website’s strategic use of privacy protection services, alongside claiming affiliations with regulatory bodies, aimed to project an image of credibility and security.

However, a deeper dive into its digital footprint, operational practices, and user testimonials peeled back layers to reveal inconsistencies and red flags commonly associated with fraudulent schemes.

The reliance on anonymity tools, such as Cloudflare for IP masking and privacy services for domain registration, while not inherently indicative of malfeasance, coupled with the platform’s low visibility and engagement metrics, casts a shadow over its legitimacy.

Furthermore, the site’s operational tactics align closely with patterns observed in classic financial scams, including the promise of high returns through exclusive investment projects like the “Falcon Project” and the requirement for significant upfront investments. These strategies, designed to build trust before exploiting it for financial gain, have left a trail of aggrieved individuals sharing their encounters with blocked withdrawals and lost investments.

Testimonials and discussions across forums and platforms like Reddit reveal a collective narrative of deception, where users were lured under the guise of legitimacy, only to find themselves ensnared in a web of unfulfillable promises and financial losses. The tales of blocked access, non-responsive customer service, and the elusive nature of supposed profits underscore the manipulative tactics at play.

Given the evidence gathered and analyzed, it becomes clear that operates less as a beacon of investment opportunity and more as a mirage of legitimacy, constructed to entice and exploit. The pattern of operations, characterized by enticing initial successes followed by insurmountable barriers to profit withdrawal, aligns uncomfortably with known scam methodologies. The detailed accounts from victims and the critical analysis of the platform’s online presence and operational tactics strongly caution against engagement with

Bottom Line

While the allure of quick and substantial returns in the cryptocurrency and forex trading spaces remains potent, the case of serves as a stark reminder of the vigilance required in the digital investment arena.

Potential investors are urged to conduct thorough due diligence, seek platforms with transparent and verifiable operations, and remain skeptical of promises that seem too good to be true.

The digital investment landscape is fraught with risks, and, through its actions and the experiences of those who engaged with it, underscores the imperative of caution and informed decision-making in navigating these volatile waters.

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