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Overview of emerges as a recently established domain in the landscape of cryptocurrency trading platforms, registered on December 9, 2023, by OwnRegistrar, Inc., and set to expire a year later. The domain, tied to the organization Brady Tech and operating out of Nigeria, suggests a potentially global reach, underscored by the contact information provided, which includes a Nigerian phone number and an email address associated with Brady Tech. The choice of hosting services provided by Interserver alongside a U.S.-based IP address indicates an intention to appeal to an international audience, possibly aiming for legitimacy in the competitive field of online trading platforms.

The hosting details, featuring nameservers under and an IP address indicating Interserver as the hosting provider, could offer insights into the infrastructure supporting This setup points to a certain level of sophistication in its web presence, aiming to ensure reliability and speed for its users. However, the recent registration and the lack of substantial organic search traffic or a significant number of backlinks as per the domain overview raise questions about the site’s visibility and trustworthiness in the digital space.

The referral domains and the nofollow backlink strategy employed, as observed from its recent mentions across various domain tracking and website checker platforms, suggest an early-stage effort at building an online footprint. Yet, the absence of significant organic or paid search traffic, alongside a minimal backlink profile, underscores the challenges new platforms like face in establishing credibility and attracting a user base in the highly scrutinized world of cryptocurrency investment.

This preliminary overview of paints a picture of a nascent platform striving for a foothold in the digital finance arena, with potential concerns about its legitimacy and efficacy as a trading platform given its limited online presence and the obscure nature of its operational base. Review

The website, also known as Diamondtradesfx, presents itself as a sophisticated platform for trading in forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

It claims to empower traders through comprehensive technical analysis, direct email and SMS signals, and a promise of high performance, backed by a team of experienced traders and analysts.

This platform also emphasizes client satisfaction and support, suggesting a strong community orientation.

Contact details provided on the site include an email ( and a physical address (Zamzam Tower, NYC, New York).

Furthermore, the platform mentions a signup bonus system, offering new users a $50 bonus, which is intended to attract new signups.

The website supports two main payment gateways, Bitcoin and Ethereum, for account funding and transactions, reflecting a modern approach to trading account management.

Red Flags

However, several red flags suggest the potential for scam operations.

First, the domain information indicates a Nigerian origin (Registrant Contact Name: Brady Tech, Organization: Brady tech, Street: LagLag, City: Lag, State: Other, Postal Code: 30071, Country: Nigeria, Phone: +234.8855442189, Email:, which, combined with the promise of high returns and signup bonuses, warrants caution due to the high frequency of online scams originating from the region.

While payment gateways like Bitcoin and Ethereum are common in legitimate trading platforms, they also facilitate untraceable transactions, which are often associated with fraudulent activities.

Moreover, the platform’s promise of high returns with minimal risk, such as the guaranteed return on investment (ROI) figures presented in various “investment plans,” is unrealistic in the volatile world of trading. This suggests a possible Ponzi or pyramid scheme structure.

The lack of verifiable success stories or transparent, audited financial performance data further compounds these suspicions.

In addition, while the site lists a physical address in New York, there’s no evidence of regulatory compliance or registration with U.S. financial authorities, such as the SEC or CFTC, which is a critical oversight for a platform handling investments. The mention of a “signup bonus” also raises eyebrows, as scams commonly use this tactic to lure unsuspecting victims with the promise of free money.

Lastly, while relying on Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication is a good security practice, it does not offset the lack of clear, transparent communication about the platform’s ownership, management team, or operational logistics.

The absence of detailed, verifiable information about the team behind and its operations, coupled with the generic and often over-promising content of the site, strongly suggests that potential users should approach with extreme caution, if at all.

Diamond Trade Reviews

WebParanoid has flagged, also referred to as Diamondtradesfx, as suspicious. It categorizes the site as a low-trust investment/earning site and advises users to avoid it due to the high risk of fraudulent activities, particularly those associated with making money under false pretenses, which could potentially lead to the loss of funds. The site is classified under investment sites, which typically require more scrutiny due to the increased risk of scams in the financial sector.

According to the analysis, Diamond Trade is relatively new, having been created less than six months ago, a common characteristic of many scam websites. It’s also noted that the site is hosted on a server that houses multiple suspicious websites, which could indicate a pattern of fraudulent activities associated with the domain’s hosting environment.

No links to social networks were found on the page, which is unusual for legitimate online businesses, as most have a presence on various social platforms to connect with customers. Additionally, reportedly has low visitor traffic, a possible indicator of a lack of legitimacy or recognition in the online community.

Technical analysis from WebParanoid mentions that the domain was registered with OwnRegistrar, Inc., and the SSL certificate was issued by Let’s Encrypt, with a very recent registration date. The IP address is based in the US, and the organizational name associated with the IP is IS-AS-1.

BBB Complaint About

On February 15, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $6250:

Initially, I was asked to buy $1000 worth of crypto and was told that I had made a profit of $21000 on the website. I was then informed that I needed to upgrade my account to a silver plan, which would cost $3800 in crypto, to be able to withdraw that amount. After the upgrade, I was told that I had to pay $6400 in crypto to clear taxes in order to withdraw.

Diamond Trade Review Conclusion

We conclude our review of Diamond Trade, a platform that purports to offer lucrative trading opportunities in forex, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. A thorough examination reveals numerous warning signals typical of online financial scams. The platform, under the guise of Diamondtradesfx, combines enticing offers of high returns and signup bonuses with vague operational details and unrealistic investment promises, creating an attractive facade for unsuspecting investors.

Critical examination reveals a Nigerian-based operation with scant evidence of legitimate trading activity or financial success. The promise of guaranteed returns, especially those outlined in the various investment plans, alongside the demand for payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, raises significant concerns. Such practices are hallmark strategies of financial scams, designed to attract investments with little intention of delivering promised returns. The reliance on cryptocurrencies, known for their anonymity and difficulty to trace, further complicates potential recovery efforts by victims of fraud.

Moreover, the site’s recent establishment, coupled with its low web traffic and absence of social media presence, undermines its credibility. Legitimate platforms typically engage with their community through social media and rely on transparent communication to build trust.’s lack of such engagement, alongside warnings from watchdog entities like WebParanoid, signals a high risk of fraudulent activity.

Furthermore, the absence of regulatory compliance or affiliation with recognized financial authorities in the U.S., where it claims to have a physical presence, casts doubt on its legitimacy. Financial platforms, especially those dealing with investments, are subject to strict regulatory requirements to protect investors. The failure of to demonstrate compliance with such regulations is a glaring red flag.

The Bottom Line Regarding Diamond Trade

In light of these concerns, individuals are advised to exercise extreme caution and conduct due diligence before engaging with or any similar platform promising high returns with minimal risk.

The allure of quick profits should not overshadow the need for vigilance and skepticism when navigating the volatile and often murky waters of online trading platforms.

The community’s shared experiences and reports play a crucial role in safeguarding against such deceptive practices, emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability in the digital finance sphere.

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