Taurusr Review: Unveiling the Crypto Scam

Welcome to our Taurusr review, in which we investigate the website at Taurusr.com.

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Taurusr.com, registered on July 6, 2023, through PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com and set to expire on the same date in 2024, presents itself as a cryptocurrency trading platform. The domain’s registration details hint at an entity or individual named Vel yn, based in Toronto, Canada, with contact information leading to a phone number (+1.2264000462) and an email address (hninjjfjiof@outlook.com).

According to Semrush data, Taurusr.com struggles to establish a credible online presence, with no organic search traffic, paid search traffic, or ranking keywords. This lack of digital footprint, combined with the site’s low authority score and absence of backlink diversity, raises serious concerns about its legitimacy. Particularly troubling are the nofollow backlinks from sites like webparanoid.com, which flag Taurusr.com as suspicious and link to analysis, reviews, and complaints about the platform.

These warning signals are underscored by the fact that all identified backlinks are nofollow, suggesting a cautious or negative perception by others in the digital space.

These findings urge a cautious approach for those considering Taurusr.com for cryptocurrency investments. The scant information and warning signs surrounding its operations, ownership, and digital footprint suggest that further investigation and due diligence are necessary before engaging with the platform or making any financial commitments.

Taurusr.com Review

Taurusr.com presents itself as a cutting-edge cryptocurrency trading platform, according to the content provided on its website.

The site promises to enable users to trade over 300 digital assets, alongside features like a crypto wallet, mobile trading, daily payouts without a lock-up period, and claims of up to 36% APY on crypto investments. Thus, it attempts to position itself as a leader in the crypto exchange space.

It boasts features such as a wide variety of spot trading pairs, margin trading with up to 12x leverage, exceptional security assessed by leading cybersecurity firms, and a unique wallet system designed to minimize the risk of hacks.

Red Flags

Despite these impressive claims, several red flags are immediately apparent, raising serious concerns about the legitimacy of Taurusr.com.

First, the site’s registration details reveal an attempt to establish credibility with a Canadian address and contact information, including a phone number (+1.2264000462) and an email (hninjjfjiof@outlook.com), which do not necessarily align with standard corporate contact information practices, especially for a platform claiming significant cybersecurity measures. Using a public email service for contact information further detracts from its credibility.

Additionally, while the website claims a global reach and advanced technical features, such as the FIX 5.0 protocol for order operations and an ultra-low latency matching engine, these technological assertions are difficult to verify independently.

The detailed description of its tech infrastructure and security measures seems designed to reassure potential users of its safety and effectiveness, yet the absence of verifiable external reviews or significant organic search traffic to support these claims is concerning.

The critical examination of Taurusr.com also reveals a lack of significant backlink diversity and organic search presence, which is unusual for a platform that claims to have onboarded 1.2 million users and to offer over 500 spot trading pairs. The presence of only nofollow backlinks from external sites, which flag Taurusr.com as suspicious and link to reviews and complaints, indicates a negative perception by others in the digital space. Such an online footprint suggests the site has not established the level of trust and authority one would expect from a legitimate and secure cryptocurrency trading platform.

Taurusr.com Reviews

The Taurusr.com cryptocurrency platform has garnered significant attention for the wrong reasons, as numerous sources highlight it as a sophisticated scam operation targeting individuals through social media and direct messaging.

According to reports from MalwareTips Forums, Scam Detector, Bitcointalk, WebParanoid, Scamdoc.com, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), ScamWatcher, and IsLegitSite.com, Taurusr.com has duped users out of their funds with promises of high returns on cryptocurrency investments.

Victims report being unable to withdraw funds after depositing substantial amounts, and scammers employ various tactics to maintain the illusion of legitimacy and prevent fund recovery.

The operation is well-documented for using social media ads, direct contacts via platforms like LinkedIn and WhatsApp, and even through impersonating successful investors.

The scam is characterized by fake profit displays, pressure to make quick deposits and complete obfuscation of genuine trading activity.

Despite portraying a professional appearance complete with fabricated trading statistics and security endorsements, Taurusr.com’s lack of transparency, recent website registration, and absence of verified contact details have raised serious concerns. Victims and investigations have noted the difficulty in withdrawing deposited funds, and numerous excuses have been encountered from the platform’s supposed support staff.

BBB Complaint About Taurusr.com

On February 17, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at Taurusr.com by a person who reported being scammed for $30,000:

A woman contacted me on LinkedIn and communicated with me via WhatsApp. She convinced me to invest $31,000 (approximately 226,000 Chinese Yuan) in the Taurusr website (https://www.taurusr.com/wap/#/home) for cryptocurrency trading. The money was transferred from my account at the Communications Bank (a bank in China) to the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (another bank in China). After transferring the money, the woman disappeared, and now I cannot withdraw my funds.


The pervasive nature of the scam associated with Taurusr.com, as detailed across multiple reputable sources, underscores a sophisticated and predatory operation designed to exploit the burgeoning interest in cryptocurrency investments. The meticulously crafted facade of legitimacy, bolstered by fake testimonials, unrealistically high returns, and a complete blackout on withdrawals, points to an elaborate scheme rather than a genuine trading platform. The scam’s reach, facilitated through social media and direct messaging, alongside the use of advanced psychological tactics, highlights the evolving sophistication of online financial scams.

The inability of victims to withdraw their funds, coupled with the platform’s opaque operations and the reported disappearance of contacts once suspicion arises, further cements the conclusion that Taurusr.com operates not as an investment platform but as a mechanism for fraud. The reliance on anonymity, rapid setup, and utilization of untraceable cryptocurrency transactions are hallmark strategies of online scams, tailored to evade accountability and complicate the recovery of lost funds.

The consistent pattern of deceit, from the initial lure to the prevention of fund withdrawal, aligns with the operational frameworks of confirmed scams, leaving little room to doubt Taurusr.com’s nature. The detailed reports, alongside warnings from cybersecurity forums and scam-tracking organizations, serve not only as a caution but as a stark reminder of the vigilance required in the digital age.

Bottom Line

The convergence of these factors leads to an inescapable conclusion: Taurusr.com is unequivocally a scam.

Taurusr.com is a cautionary tale of the potential perils in the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and digital investments. It underscores the importance of due diligence, the need for skepticism towards too-good-to-be-true offers, and the critical role of community vigilance and reporting in safeguarding against fraud.

The case of Taurusr.com is not a singular event but part of an ongoing battle against online scams. It highlights the continuous need for education, awareness, and collective action in the digital finance space.

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