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      I wish to share my adverse experience with Dukasbance to caution potential investors. This entity is characterized by its false assurances and engagement in unethical behavior. Initially, Dukasbance entices individuals with the prospect of straightforward earnings, asserting the ease of fund withdrawal and the provision of regular account updates. Nonetheless, their genuine intent becomes apparent post-receipt of funds. They aggressively undertake high-risk trades on investors’ behalf, which is visible through a counterfeit account on Tradingview they furnish. Furthermore, there’s a persistent push for additional investment; resistance to this leads to a lack of response from their side. Attempts to reach out via phone or email are met with silence, making fund retrieval exceedingly challenging.

      In reaction to these deceitful activities, I have reported Dukasbance to both the SEC and the FBI to facilitate an investigation and halt their operations.

      In essence, Dukasbance operates as a fraudulent trading brokerage, manipulating investors’ funds and ceasing communication for non-compliance with their demands. I urge everyone to refrain from investing with them; they are outright fraudsters. My hope is that sharing my ordeal and the steps I’ve taken will prevent others from enduring similar unethical practices.

      Consumer Advice: Steer clear of Dukasbance. They resort to creating a deceptive Tradingview account, pressure for more funds, and disappear when withdrawal is attempted. Guard your finances and avoid any engagement with them. Reporting their schemes to relevant authorities and considering legal recourse if impacted is advisable.

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