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      I came across a PS5 giveaway on Facebook Marketplace, but the seller was in Los Angeles. I inquired about the possibility of shipping, and they agreed, provided I covered the shipping costs. Initially, they quoted $58 for shipping. I proposed paying $20 upfront and the remainder upon receiving proof of shipment, including screenshots of the FedEx process and the package, to which they consented. I was instructed to use Apple Cash for the payment, which I did, but soon noticed their increasing urgency for me to pay the entire amount upfront. Despite my hesitations and their provision of pictures, which appeared suspicious, I sent another $25. Subsequently, they informed me that the total shipping cost was $90, but I insisted on seeing a FedEx receipt before sending more money. They sent a receipt that looked altered and, upon researching, I found an identical receipt online, with only the name changed. After confronting them about the deception, they denied any wrongdoing and blocked me when I checked their profile.

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