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      Dear Community Members:

      Today, we’re scrutinizing Glaxo Coin Trading, a cryptocurrency trading platform that’s recently come under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Let’s dissect its features, claims, and the red flags that have surfaced.

      A Troubling Incident: BBB Complaint

      – The Incident: A user from Louisiana, USA, reported being scammed out of $1,500. The scammer posed as Elon Musk and offered high profits from cryptocurrency investments. The victim was asked for personal information and an additional $5,300 for a “verification process.”

      Glaxo Coin Trading: An Overview

      – Domain Information: Registered in late 2022 for a year, Glaxo Coin Trading’s brief domain existence raises eyebrows. Hosted by Akamai Technologies, its digital presence hints at a larger, perhaps deceptive strategy.
      – Services Offered: The platform claims to engage in stock trading and cryptocurrency exchanges. Promises of active management, secure payment gateways, and innovative client solutions are made. However, investment plans promising returns from 3% to 304% hourly seem unrealistic and unsustainable.

      Digging Deeper: Company Legitimacy and Operations

      – Registered Where?: Glaxo Coin Trading purports to be UK-registered, but a CompaniesHouse check reveals no such company. Instead, the registration number links to WAVE TRADING LTD, a completely different entity.
      – Payment and Withdrawal: The platform accepts multiple cryptocurrencies and Perfect Money, with varying withdrawal processes and minimum amounts. However, the lack of transparency about fees is concerning.
      – Referral Commissions: Offers of up to 10% commission for referrals are made, but such high referral incentives are often indicative of pyramid schemes.

      Connecting Dots: Potential Links to Other Sites

      – WAVE TRADING LTD Links: The same UK registration number and address as WAVE TRADING LTD suggest a potential connection. However, the actual relationship remains unclear.
      – Clone Sites: Several similar sites, like, show the same operational pattern, possibly indicating a network of fraudulent sites.

      Community Feedback: Lack of Reviews and Complaints

      – No Direct Reviews: There are no substantial reviews for GlaxoCoin, but negative feedback for Trade-Signal, a clone site, paints a worrying picture.
      – BBB Complaints: The complaints lodged include reports of scams involving significant financial losses, high returns, and deceptive practices.
      – Email Inquiries: Emails to our team reveal ongoing confusion about the legitimacy of Glaxo Coin Trading, highlighting the need for vigilance.

      Final Word: Red Flags and Recommendations

      – Is It a Scam?: The high returns, short domain registration, connections to suspicious entities, and misleading information all suggest Glaxo Coin Trading is a scam.
      – Investor Caution: We advise against engagement with this platform. Conduct thorough research and consult financial experts before making investments, particularly in the volatile crypto market.

      Your experiences and insights are invaluable. Share them to help our community stay informed and secure.

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