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      Community Members,

      Today, we issue a serious warning about Aurora Coins ( and Financial Gates (, which have raised significant scam alarms.

      A Shocking Report – Aurora Coins Scam

      A report filed with the BBB on January 23, 2023, by a person from Toronto, Canada, reveals a staggering loss of $420,000 in a cryptocurrency scam involving Aurora Coins. The victim narrates being lured into investing and then coerced into paying more under the guise of recovering their funds.

      Aurora Coins – Investigation Insights

      1. Domain Status:, now offline, was registered for two years starting December 2021, using privacy services and hosted by Cloudflare.
      2. Backlink Analysis: The website had a notable number of backlinks but was primarily known for its press releases, which now appear to be commissioned and not genuine reviews.
      3. TrustPilot and SiteJabber Reviews: On these platforms, Aurora Coins has been flagged as untrustworthy, with numerous negative reviews citing unresponsive customer service and inability to withdraw funds.

      Financial Gates – A Related Platform

      – Domain Details: Registered in February 2022, shares hosting and registration characteristics with Aurora Coins.
      – SimilarWeb Ranking: The site has some popularity, particularly in Malaysia.
      – Press Releases and SEO: Financial Gates, like Aurora Coins, has invested heavily in SEO and press releases, indicating an orchestrated effort to appear legitimate.
      – Reviews: A review on SiteJabber warns against Financial Gates, labeling it a scam.

      CalcoExtra – Another Suspicious Link

      – Our investigation also revealed as another potential scam site linked to the same fraudsters due to similar website text.

      Bottom Line – A Warning Against These Scams

      – Aurora Coins and Financial Gates: Both platforms are part of a sophisticated scam operation, with Aurora Coins already vanishing with investors’ funds.
      – CalcoExtra: This site also raises suspicion and warrants caution.

      Advice to Our Community

      Avoid Aurora Coins, Financial Gates, and any related platforms. Their elaborate setup, designed to deceive and defraud investors, underscores the importance of thorough research and vigilance in online investments.

      If you have any experience or additional information about these platforms, please share it with the community to help others stay informed and safe.

      Stay cautious and informed.

      Best regards,
      Sathish M

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