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      Hello Community,

      We urge caution regarding the platform Climbometa ( and invite those affected to share their experiences.

      Recent investigations into Climbometa have raised multiple red flags:

      • Scam Allegations: Various sources, including social media and YouTube, have flagged Climbometa as a potential scam.
      • ScamAdviser Warning: Climbometa has a very low trust score on ScamAdviser, suggesting high risk.
      • BBB Complaint: A significant financial loss has been reported to the BBB, involving deceptive practices for fund withdrawals.
      • Suspicious Bitcoin Activity: Linked Bitcoin addresses have numerous reports of fraudulent activity.

      Given these concerns, we strongly advise community members to exercise caution with Climbometa. If you have interacted with Climbometa, your insights could be invaluable to others. Sharing your story can help create awareness and prevent further scams.

      Please share your experiences and help us build a safer crypto community.

      Thank you for contributing to a vigilant and informed community.

      Stay safe,

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