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      A cryptocurrency scam has surfaced on, luring users with promises of easy profits through initial investments in BTC. Victims are led through a series of supposedly necessary steps to access their funds, only to find themselves unable to withdraw any cryptocurrency without fulfilling increasingly dubious requirements.

      Scam Process:

      1. Website: Users are invited to visit to create an account.
      2. Promo Code: Upon entering a promo code, users are credited with an initial investment in BTC to start trading.
      3. Withdrawal Block: Attempts to transfer the cryptocurrency to a third-party wallet are blocked due to an “unverified” account status.
      4. Verification Hoops: Victims are instructed to enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) through Google, pass KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures, and ultimately, are told they must deposit 0.005BTC to verify their account.
      5. Broken Links: Some users attempting to stake their cryptocurrency encounter broken links, indicating fraudulent or incomplete website functionalities.

      The domain for was registered only 2 months ago, with all other information about the site being hidden or masked.

      Location of Targeted Individual: CA, USA – 90807

      Date Reported: December 5, 2023

      You’re encouraged to share your story if you’ve encountered or been a scam victim. Doing so can help warn others and assist in any efforts to track down the perpetrators behind this scheme. Your detailed experiences are crucial for open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations and could prevent further victimization.

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