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      Attention all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors! A concerning scam operation has been reported, targeting individuals through Facebook and deceitfully parting them from their hard-earned money under the guise of cryptocurrency investment opportunities. Here are the crucial details to stay alert and safeguard your assets:

      – Scam Overview: The scammers approach potential victims on Facebook, presenting enticing cryptocurrency investment opportunities. However, they conveniently omit to mention significant fees or the necessity for IRS compliance, leading to unexpected financial losses for those enticed into participating.
      – Monetary Loss: Victims have reported losing funds, with one case involving a loss of $200.
      – Scammer’s Fictitious Location: The scam operation claims to be based in Los Angeles, CA- 90011, although the legitimacy of this location is highly questionable.
      – Contact Information:
      – Phone: (727) 236-0670
      – Website:
      – Targeted Region: A reported victim was from FL, USA- 33759, indicating the scammers’ operations may not be limited to a single geographical area.
      – Scam Type: Cryptocurrency scam, focusing on deceptive investment schemes.
      – Date Reported: October 11, 2023

      Have you or someone you know been victimized by a similar scam, particularly through or associated contacts? Your story could be instrumental in preventing further losses and aiding in the pursuit of justice. Please share your experiences and any additional information you may have in the comments below. Together, we can build a comprehensive defense against these deceitful schemes and protect our community from financial predators.

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