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      A cryptocurrency scam involving a fake trading website,, has been reported. The scam targets individuals by requiring them to send crypto to a wallet to “verify” their account. Victims cannot withdraw funds; instead, they’re informed via help ticket that more money must be sent to unlock a withdrawal threshold. This scam tactic is designed to continuously extort money from victims under the guise of unlocking their own assets.

      Scam Details:

      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Location of Targeted Individual: GA, USA – 30303
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Dollars Lost: $300
      • Date Reported: January 31, 2024

      The lack of direct contact information and the anonymity of the scammer’s location and communication channels heighten the difficulty of direct recourse for victims. However, the URL of the fraudulent website serves as a significant lead for investigations.

      If you’ve fallen victim to this scam or a similar scheme, sharing your experience is crucial. Your story can help illuminate the scammer’s tactics, potentially aid in their identification, and prevent others from falling prey to similar scams. Please include any additional details that may be relevant, such as the nature of communications, specific demands made by the scammer, and any other contact information that was provided. Your input can contribute valuable information to the community and investigative efforts.

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