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      Hello Community Members,

      I wanted to bring to your attention a critical scam alert that’s been making the rounds recently. Many in the UK have reported receiving text messages from a supposed company named Local Depot 41. This is a classic example of a phishing scam, and it’s crucial to be aware of its workings to protect yourself.

      1. Understanding the Local Depot 41 Scam
      Local Depot 41 scam involves text messages that appear to be from a local delivery firm. The message includes a link that redirects you to a fraudulent website, mimicking legitimate parcel service websites. The goal is to deceive you into entering your personal and financial details.

      2. The Rise of Smishing Threats
      This scam is a part of a broader category known as “smishing” – a blend of SMS and phishing. Unlike traditional phishing which occurs through email, smishing uses text messages. These messages often appear to be from legitimate sources, like banks or other trusted entities, and they aim to steal personal information or install malware on your device.

      3. How to Stay Safe
      To safeguard against this scam:
      – Avoid clicking on links in text messages unless you’re certain of their legitimacy.
      – Be wary of texts from unknown local numbers.
      – Report any instance of receiving such a scam text to local law enforcement for further investigation.


      Scams are increasing, so being informed is crucial. We hope to build a scam-aware community by sharing this information. If you have concerns or experiences about this scam, please share them in the comments.

      Stay safe and vigilant!

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