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      Hello Community,

      We’re here today to discuss a significant and growing concern: the Google Voice Scam. This old trick, resurfacing with new tactics, is increasingly targeting sellers on various marketplaces. The scam involves tricksters trying to extract verification codes from individuals to gain control of a Google Voice account. The implications of falling victim to this scam are severe, often leading to substantial financial losses.

      1. Understanding the Google Voice Scam:
      Google Voice accounts allow users to manage multiple phone numbers under a single umbrella. Scammers exploit this feature by obtaining your verification code, often masquerading as support team members or other authoritative entities. The bottom line is: never share your verification code or sensitive information with anyone who requests it unexpectedly.

      2. Tactics Employed by Scammers:
      These crooks often gather victim details from online marketplaces, posing as buyers. They may use convincing narratives to persuade the seller to hand over their verification code. Be vigilant and remember that legitimate buyers or sellers will never ask for such information.

      3. Identifying and Handling the Scam:
      Pay attention to the small details – grammatical errors, strange URLs, and inconsistencies in their story. Always use secure payment methods like e-wallets or credit cards, which offer better protection. Meet in public places for transactions and avoid sharing personal information.

      Final Note:
      Stay vigilant. The Google Voice Scam is an old scam wearing a new mask. Regularly monitor your accounts, never share verification codes or personal details with strangers, and use strong, regularly updated passwords along with two-factor authentication.

      Together, let’s stay informed and protect each other from these digital predators.

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