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      I want to share my experience with what turned out to be a fraudulent scheme involving to caution others and gather similar stories. For approximately six months, I followed an individual on Telegram who frequently posted about customer success stories and withdrawals from her platform. She convinced me to start with a 1000-dollar investment in TETHER. Shortly after, she informed me of significant profit gains and directed me to the website, which appeared highly legitimate and showed my profits in “real time.”

      Excited by the purported profits and an Easter special offer, I invested an additional $8000 AUD, with promises of a $140,000 return within 5 days after Easter. However, after the promised timeframe, when I requested my profits, she insisted I was on the verge of even greater earnings but needed to pay an additional $4850 in TETHER to “purchase a bot for safety.”

      This sequence of events, coupled with the realization of no returns and the request for more money under dubious pretenses, made it clear I had fallen victim to a scam.

      I urge anyone who has encountered a similar scam, especially with or through contacts on Telegram, to share their experiences. Your stories could be invaluable in helping others avoid similar traps and possibly aid in tracking down the scammers.

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