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      Warning Issued: 2024-03-08
      Website in Question: (Please exercise caution with this site)

      Background: COINWEALTHLIMITED.COM, also operating under COINWEALTH LIMITED, is flagged for potentially offering financial services or products in the UK without proper authorization. Individuals are advised to avoid dealing with this entity to avoid falling prey to potential scams.

      Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Reported Address: Plymouth, England, UNITED KINGDOM, PL2 3DJ
      • Email Contact:

      This firm is not authorized by the UK regulatory bodies to engage in promoting or executing financial services. As it may be targeting UK residents, caution is strongly advised.

      If you have interacted with COINWEALTHLIMITED.COM / COINWEALTH LIMITED, your story is important and can help others. We invite you to share any experiences or information about this firm, including any other contact information, financial transactions, or cryptocurrency addresses involved. Your input can be crucial for OSINT efforts and help alert and safeguard the community against similar unauthorized activities.

      Please remain vigilant and verify the authorization status of firms offering financial services. Your due diligence is a key defense against scams.

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