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      I want to share my recent experience with a crypto cloud mining service, which might serve as a cautionary tale for others. I was recommended by a friend to try cloud mining on Initially, I invested 1000 USDT and was shown a profit of around 2300 USDT. However, when I attempted to withdraw a small amount of just 100 USDT, the process has been stuck “in progress” for almost a week now.

      Despite not receiving any of my investment back, they’ve been urging me to invest even more money into the cloud mining service, promising to then replenish my account. This experience has led me to believe that this might be a fraudulent scheme, potentially a big scam preying on investors in the crypto world.

      I wanted to post this here to warn others. Please be cautious with your investments, especially in crypto cloud mining platforms. If anyone else has had similar experiences or advice on how to proceed, I’d appreciate your input.

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