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      On January 24, 2024, a sophisticated phishing attempt was reported by an individual located in NC, USA (ZIP code 27260), indicating a fraudulent operation seeking to exploit unsuspecting victims under the guise of cryptocurrency transactions. The phishing attempt was initiated via an email from the address, ostensibly welcoming the recipient to an “amazing journey” and included an attachment falsely claiming the purchase of Bitcoin with an unauthorized withdrawal of $550.87 from the victim’s account. The email further stipulated a 24-hour timeframe for a refund, directing queries to a customer service number (816) 398-6107, which reportedly only connects to an unresponsive voicemail service.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Email Address:
      • Contact Number: (816) 398-6107
      • Location of Scammer (as per report): MO, USA
      • Type of Scam: Cryptocurrency Phishing
      • Date of Report: January 24, 2024

      This incident is a classic representation of a phishing scam, leveraging the guise of a cryptocurrency transaction to illicitly obtain financial information or funds from victims. The email’s lack of specific details regarding the transaction and the unavailability of live support through the provided contact number are indicative of the fraudulent nature of this operation.

      Victims or individuals with similar experiences are encouraged to share their stories and any additional information they may have. This collective effort can significantly aid in the identification of patterns or specific details useful in OSINT investigations, potentially leading to the

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