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      • Scam Contact Method: WhatsApp
      • Reported Loss: $410
      • Target Location: KS, USA – 67216
      • Scammer Contact Number: +1 (609) 237-9178
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Date Reported: March 30, 2024

      Description of the Scam: A fraudulent scheme involving a cryptocurrency investment through WhatsApp has been reported. The victim was persuaded to invest $200 in Bitcoin and was later told they had earned $9,370. However, a fee of $923 was demanded to access these funds. The victim paid $210 and was promised half of the earnings, but no funds were received.

      If you’ve encountered similar fraudulent activities or have dealt with this phone number or a similar scenario over WhatsApp, please share your experiences. Your information could provide valuable insights and help others identify and avoid these scams.

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