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      • Scam Website:
      • Reported Loss: $10,000
      • Target Location: OR, USA – 97209
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Date Reported: April 6, 2024
      • Scammer Alias: Amelia from New York
      • Business Name Alleged: BitGo

      Description of the Scam: A scammer named Amelia from New York initially contacted the victim through a “wrong number” text, establishing rapport with friendly messages and videos. Amelia introduced a cryptocurrency investment opportunity promising 40% to 50% returns and coached the victim through initial small investments. The victim could not withdraw their funds after increasing the investment to $10,000. Withdrawal requests either took excessively long or were not processed at all, and Amelia discouraged withdrawals by criticizing the victim and suggesting they continue trading on the platform.

      Please share your story if you’ve had similar experiences with this website, Amelia, or any related cryptocurrency scams. Any additional details you can provide about your interactions, such as screenshots, transaction IDs, or other correspondence, can help others recognize and avoid these frauds.

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