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      Urgent Warning for the Ethereum Community

      An individual has reported a significant loss of Ethereum (ETH) through a transaction they believed was legitimate but turned out to be fraudulent. Details that could assist with OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and community vigilance are provided below:

      • Scam Name: Falsely using “Coinbase” name
      • Scam Website URL: (Please be cautious and do NOT visit this site as it may be part of the scam)
      • Transaction Hash: 0x8661af6cf06809d07e8972642fbcde2f60b5a06c71a57c0c442955d8b4265b12
      • Receiving Address (suspected to be part of the scam): 0xC74Be1114ed1E77C8a9F966506097c5227512Eca

      If you have been directed to transfer funds to the address listed above or have encountered a promotion claiming to be from “,” please do not engage. Scammers often create fake promotions and websites using the names of well-known companies to trick users.

      We urge anyone with similar experiences, particularly with the website or address involved in this report, to share their story. Your input can help track down scammers and potentially aid others in the community.

      Please remember that official promotions from legitimate companies like Coinbase will only be announced through their verified channels. Always double-check URLs and never give out your private keys or send funds to addresses provided via unsolicited messages or suspicious websites.

      If you’ve been impacted by this scam, it’s important to report it to the appropriate cybercrime authorities and to the official support teams of the platforms involved, in this case, the real Coinbase platform.

      Stay vigilant and stay safe.

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