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      Attention Community:

      A serious alert has been raised about a cryptocurrency scam originating from the website A victim from AB, Canada, has reported a substantial loss of $15,000 to this sham operation. The fraudulent site presents itself as a legitimate crypto trading platform but fails to provide genuine services, ultimately ignoring the victims after receiving funds.

      Case Details:

      • Amount Lost: $15,000
      • Victim’s Location: AB, Canada, T1L 1A6
      • Scammer Contact Number: (786) 352-1088
      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency Scheme
      • Date Reported: February 15, 2024

      We urge anyone who has encountered this website or phone number and has experienced similar fraudulent activities to come forward. Sharing your experiences can help build a case against the perpetrators and potentially assist in recovering lost funds.

      If you have any information about the receiving addresses or additional contact details linked to this scam, please provide it to assist in OSINT investigations. Your collaboration is crucial in the fight against online fraud.

      Please report any such incidents to the relevant financial authorities and law enforcement agencies in your area, along with all the evidence and details of the transactions.

      Remember to exercise extreme caution when engaging in online financial activities. Verify all platforms and never send money or personal information to entities without thorough vetting.

      Stay safe,

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