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      Hello Community,

      I wanted to raise a serious concern regarding and the growing number of scam allegations associated with their service. Many users have reported issues such as blocked accounts, missing funds, and unresponsive customer support, leading to significant losses and frustration.

      If you’ve had a negative experience or believe you’ve been scammed by, please share your story here. It’s crucial that we bring these issues to light and possibly prevent others from falling victim to similar practices.

      Your detailed accounts can serve as a valuable warning to others in the crypto community. Let’s help each other stay informed and safe.

      Thank you for contributing and looking out for one another.


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        Jordan Piper

          These guys are scam artist of the highest order.  They make it difficult to get your crypto out and then take on fees that are far above the market rate.

          They wanted like $60 in fee just to move $100 out.

          Also in the fine print they charge you $30 every month you have crypto stored in your wallet.

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              It sounds like you’ve had a particularly frustrating experience with, Jordan.

              High withdrawal fees and hidden charges, such as the monthly storage fee you’ve encountered, are indeed red flags and practices that can greatly detract from the trust and reliability expected of a cryptocurrency service.

              Sharing your experience here not only sheds light on these questionable practices but also serves as an important caution for the community.

              It’s essential for users to closely read the terms and understand the fee structure before engaging with any crypto service.

              Thank you for bringing this to the community’s attention.

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