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      A concerning cryptocurrency scam has been reported with the website at its center. The site offers a deceptive promotion claiming to award users 0.25 BTC upon entering a promo code. However, to supposedly verify their account, users must deposit 0.005 BTC. Following this initial deposit, the website escalates its demands, insisting that users deposit more BTC to achieve a “premium account” status. When attempting to withdraw any funds, the site’s support team refuses to release the funds unless a further deposit of at least 0.03 BTC is made to activate this “premium account,” granting access to the user’s funds.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Initial Offer: Promo code for 0.25 BTC.
      • Verification Deposit: Users are tricked into depositing 0.005 BTC to verify their account.
      • Further Demands: Additional deposits are required for a “premium account.”
      • Withdrawal Refusal: The website refuses to release funds without further substantial deposits.

      Location of Targeted Person: WA, USA – 98354

      Amount Lost: $245

      Date Reported: December 7, 2023

      If you’ve fallen victim to or encountered a similar cryptocurrency scam, please share your story. It’s crucial to expose these fraudulent activities and help prevent others from being deceived. Your experience and any additional information you can provide, such as other contact details, transaction IDs, or communications with the scammer, can be invaluable for OSINT investigations. We can raise awareness about these scams and protect potential victims by coming together.

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