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      Hello Forum Members!

      Welcome to our in-depth investigation and community discussion on the activities and legitimacy of Rob Booker, Hal Booker, Hal Robb, Osmai FX (, and IC Markets ( This post is a continuation of our previous review, “Rob Booker Review – Is Reliable?” from March 17, 2021.

      – Rob Booker Review: Our earlier discussion centered on Rob Booker’s trading platform and products. The community provided mixed feedback, raising transparency concerns about Rob Booker’s background.
      – Community Caution: We advised our members to exercise caution when considering investments in Rob Booker’s offerings.

      Community Feedback:
      – Hal Booker Allegations: Some members shared concerns about Hal Booker’s potential involvement in Ponzi schemes and criticized his trading courses and strategies.
      – Rob Booker’s Commission Charges: Allegations about commission charges through IC Markets and misleading lifetime membership courses were noted.

      Current Investigation:
      – Focus Areas: We’re scrutinizing the legitimacy of Hal Booker/Hal Robb and the operations of Osmai FX and IC Markets.
      – Specific Claims: Investigating allegations regarding Hal Robb’s trading on IC Markets and potential Ponzi scheme involvement.

      – & The transition from to, managed by Scott Welsh, is noted, with some connections to the original site.
      – IC Markets Overview: Appears to be a reputable Forex CFD provider, despite some regulatory warnings. Trustpilot rates them highly, but customer feedback is mixed.
      – Hal Robb & Osmai FX: Low traffic and authority scores for Osmai FX raise concerns. Reviews suggest potential Ponzi scheme operations.

      Osmai Management LTD:
      – Business Focus: Specializes in various financial services, including asset protection.
      – Projects: Osmai Global is a key project under their umbrella.

      – Findings: Our investigation did not find definitive evidence of scams by IC Markets, Hal Robb, or Osmai Global.
      – Connections: The relationship between Rob Booker and Hal Robb remains unclear.
      – Osmai Global’s Role: Acts as a bridge between users and IC Markets, offering copy trading services with Hal Robb.

      Community Input:
      As always, we encourage our members to share their insights, experiences, and perspectives on this topic. Your input enriches our understanding and helps keep the community informed.

      Please share your thoughts, experiences, or any additional information you might have about Rob Booker, Hal Booker, Hal Robb, Osmai FX, and IC Markets. Let’s collaborate to maintain a knowledgeable and vigilant forum community.

      Looking forward to your contributions!

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          Hal Parker Robb is one of the names he has used before, this guy is a Fx crook and Osmai have not done their homework in to this guy before recommending. Churning customers is their game.

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              Hello Elizabeth,

              Thank you for sharing this important information about Hal Parker Robb and his activities related to Osmai FX. Your insights about the potential risks and Osmai’s lack of due diligence in vetting their associations are crucial for raising awareness. The issue of churning customers is a significant concern. We appreciate your contribution and encourage more members to come forward with any further information or experiences related to this topic to help protect others from potential scams.

              Thank you for helping to keep the community informed and vigilant.

              Best regards,

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