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      A troubling scam has been reported involving the website, where individuals are misled into investing in a purported Bitcoin mining venture. Victims are promised the ability to withdraw funds by the end of the day, only to find themselves trapped in a cycle of being told more money is needed to fund the project or facilitate withdrawals.

      Scam Overview:

      • Website:
      • Modus Operandi: Victims are approached by individuals claiming to represent a Bitcoin mining company requiring investments to start off. Promises of quick returns are made to entice victims into sending funds.
      • Increasing Demands: After the initial investment, any inquiries about withdrawing funds are met with demands for additional money, supposedly to fund the project further.
      • Financial Loss: One reported victim lost $26,000 to this scam, but there may be others who have suffered similar or greater losses.

      Information for OSINT Investigations:

      • Website Details: The scam’s website,, is a critical point of investigation for any suspicious activities or connections to known scam operations.
      • Social Media Interactions: The initial approach through social media suggests an examination of profiles and messages that could lead to the identification of the scammers.
      • Transaction Paths: Investigating the blockchain transactions related to this scam could help trace the flow of funds and potentially identify the scammers’ wallets.

      If you’ve been affected by or have encountered a similar scam, sharing your story can provide crucial information that might help prevent others from falling victim. Your input can contribute to a better understanding of the scam’s operations, tactics used by the scammers, and any specific details that could aid in their identification.

      Key Details to Share:

      • Any communications from the scammers, including social media profiles, emails, or phone numbers.
      • Details of the investment transactions, such as dates, amounts, and receiving addresses or accounts.
      • Any promises or guarantees made by the scammers during the initial approach or subsequent interactions.

      Your experiences are invaluable in the fight against online scams. Together, we can build awareness and potentially assist others in avoiding similar traps. Please, if you have been scammed by or have information about similar scams, come forward and share your story.

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