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      A victim has suffered significant financial losses due to fraudulent activities tied to Lynx19 Digital Publicity and has shared transaction details to benefit an OSINT investigation and community awareness.

      Reported Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency Involved: Altcoin (specifically USDT – ERC20)
      • Scam Name: Lynx19 Digital Publicity
      • Scam Website URL: (Website may be fraudulent)
      • Transaction Hash: 0x5e8c18291e961adb8023f7a538f2d6273a563d793b16aaeaf9416b93468a7ba5
      • Receiving Address (USDT – ERC20): 0xCd23F10b28848450451623f01d944e4FE7dd748a

      The transactions show substantial amounts of USDT being withdrawn, which aligns with common scam patterns in which funds are siphoned off to addresses controlled by the perpetrators.

      Individuals who have encountered or engaged in transactions with Lynx19 Digital Publicity or have been directed to the website provided are urged to come forward. If you’ve suffered a similar fate or have conducted transactions to the address mentioned above, your information could significantly contribute to investigating and preventing further scams.

      We ask that anyone with additional evidence, such as communication logs, additional transaction hashes, or other related cryptocurrency addresses, share these while ensuring their personal safety and privacy.

      Your stories and the details you provide can make a difference in the fight against online scams. Please share responsibly and help us build a safer community.

      Best regards,
      Adam Team

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