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      Important Notice for the Crypto Community:

      Be on high alert for potentially fraudulent activity associated with Amplitude1, a site where users have reported suspicious cryptocurrency transactions.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Ether/ERC20 Token
      • Transaction Hash: 0xa72ed5df4cbe87c75230204771f5c8af54d93a967f465f21a69f06b07bcd0cf3
      • Scam Name: Amplitude1
      • Scam Website URL:

      The user has reported an Ether/ERC20 Token transaction related to the site above and is concerned about the platform’s legitimacy. There have been indications of unusual account activity that could be consistent with a scam.

      What to Look For:

      • Unexpected account withdrawals or deposits.
      • Failed transaction attempts that precede unauthorized transactions.
      • Any patterns of deposits followed by immediate withdrawals (as shown in the provided account history screenshots).

      If you have transacted with or have an account on and experienced similar issues, or if you have noticed unusual transactions linked to this platform, please share your story. Details of your experiences could be instrumental in helping others avoid potential scams and helping OSINT investigations track and understand the scope of suspicious activities.


      • Monitor your accounts regularly for any unexplained activity.
      • Report any unauthorized transactions to the appropriate authorities.
      • If possible, withdraw your assets to a secure wallet over which you have full control.

      Please come forward with any information you may have, as collective vigilance is key in combating online fraud. Your input is valuable.

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