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      Urgent Alert for the Crypto Community

      A new complaint has surfaced detailing a series of fraudulent transactions under the pretense of investment opportunities with high returns. The alleged scam involves the website, which is not verified as a legitimate investment platform.

      Essential Details for OSINT Investigations and Community Awareness:

      – Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      – Transaction Hash: fa78b5570ddea691bcab02bc7346affab5f932a968d2769a50ad64c52888af33
      – Alleged Scam Website:
      – Receiving Bitcoin Address: bc1qqu30qal4eyl32sez9fvf60uejj55cgf9ksuq02

      Victims report being promised generous returns on investments, only to be met with continuous fees and no actual return. If you have interacted with this website or have conducted transactions that led to similar experiences, you are encouraged to share your story.

      Have You Been Affected?

      We are calling on anyone who has made deposits to or who has been impacted by similar schemes to come forward with their experiences. By sharing transaction hashes, communication logs, screenshots, and any other relevant information, you can assist in alerting others within the community and aid in the investigation of this scam.

      Together, we can help prevent further losses within the community by raising awareness and sharing information on these deceptive practices. If you have been a victim, your story can help others. Please share responsibly and remember to redact personal information to protect your privacy.

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