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      If you’ve encountered the website, please be extremely cautious. This site, identified under the guise of “given away XRP,” has been reported in a complaint involving significant financial losses related to XRP/Ripple transactions.

      Details of the Scam:

      • Scam Name: given away XRP
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Cryptocurrency Involved: XRP/Ripple
      • Transaction Details: Transacted via the XRP Ledger
      • Source Address: r4DymtkgUAh2wqRxVfdd3Xtswzim6eC6c5 (as shown in the associated transaction screenshot)
      • Destination Address: rMCSE9mVSfuJ6eW3Nq67GAU9p5vZJ2qjhm
      • Destination Tag: 777777
      • Amount: 1499.5 XRP
      • Transaction Hash: 0xb212C54530Df32b1a077389D68406eA13B3725ec (related to the scam activity)

      The transaction, visualized through the XRP ledger explorer, reveals substantial amounts transferred under suspicious circumstances. If you have conducted similar transactions or have additional information, including different cryptocurrency addresses associated with this website or contact details used by the scammers, your input could be vital.

      Have you been affected by this scam or encountered similar fraudulent activities? Please share your experiences to help others recognize and avoid similar scams.

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        adelina pashkina

          im the scammer using also the following. wallets






          find me

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