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      We have received a complaint regarding a cryptocurrency scam associated with the website It’s important to exercise extreme caution if you come across this site or are considering any transactions involving it.

      Case Details:

      • Scam Name: Yellowhead
      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
        Transaction Hash: 13,191.89 (Please note that a transaction hash should typically be a long string of characters, so this may be incomplete or incorrect)
      • Sending Address: Information not provided
      • Receiving Address: 1552 s Laura ave (This seems like a physical address and may not be related to a Bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin addresses are usually alphanumeric strings)

      Unfortunately, the transaction hash provided does not appear to be complete, and the receiving address listed seems to be a physical address rather than a Bitcoin address. This could be part of the scam, where victims are misled with incorrect or misleading information.

      If you have any transactions with or have been in contact with individuals associated with this potential scam, please proceed with caution and consider reporting it to the appropriate authorities.

      Furthermore, if you have fallen victim to the Yellowhead scam, you are not alone, and your story can help others. Please share your experience in the comments to raise awareness and potentially aid in ongoing open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations.

      Stay vigilant and let’s work together to prevent further victims of this scam.

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