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      Attention to all community members and cryptocurrency investors, particularly those active on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn: a concerning report has emerged about a significant financial loss caused by a scheme connected to the website

      Key Information for OSINT Investigations

      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Total Amount Lost: $31,000 (approximately 226,000 Chinese Yuan)
      • Method of Contact: Initial contact was made through LinkedIn, followed by communication on WhatsApp.
      • Money Transfer Details: Funds were transferred from an account at Communications Bank to Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, both located in China.
      • Location of the Targeted Individual: MA, USA- 02134

      The victim was approached by a woman on LinkedIn who later convinced them to invest a large sum of money into cryptocurrency trading through the Taurusr website. After the transfer of funds, the contact vanished, leaving the victim unable to withdraw their investment.

      If you have experienced a similar situation or have been approached by someone promoting the Taurusr website for investment opportunities, especially through social media or professional networking platforms, please share your story. Your information may be vital in warning others and could contribute to open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations aimed at uncovering and possibly taking action against such fraudulent activities.

      This alert aims to caution individuals against engaging in financial transactions with unverified parties, especially those encountered through social media and networking platforms. Sharing your experiences can help create awareness and protect others from similar scams.

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