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      Urgent Security Notice to Bitcoin Wallet Users:

      Reports have emerged of Bitcoin funds disappearing following an iCloud account recovery and subsequent password change. This incident may indicate a security breach or unauthorized access during the recovery process.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: (Full hash not provided, partial visible ...fa5f95...d23735)
      • Concern: Unauthorized wallet access post-iCloud password update
      • Platform Mentioned:
      • Receiving Address: bc1qg...n4xj (Full address not provided)

      Incident Summary:

      • The user performed an iCloud recovery and changed their password.
      • Following the password update, Bitcoin funds were sent from the user’s wallet without authorization.

      If you have experienced a similar loss of funds after recovering access to your iCloud and updating your password, please share your experience. It’s essential to identify whether this is an isolated case or part of a broader issue affecting others.

      Important Safety Tips:

      • Regularly monitor your cryptocurrency wallets for any unauthorized transactions.
      • Ensure that your recovery processes are secure and your credentials are not compromised.
      • Utilize all security measures provided by wallet services, including two-factor authentication.

      Action Needed:

      • Users encountering similar issues are urged to report the incident to the wallet service provider.
      • It is also advised to change passwords and review security settings on all linked accounts.

      If you’ve had a related incident, especially after a password change linked to wallet services, share your story to help the community understand the risks and take preventative measures.

      Your security is paramount. Stay alert, stay secure, and help keep the community informed.

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