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      A report has been filed detailing a scam under the name “Brocoders” which has resulted in the loss of funds. We’re issuing a community-wide alert and requesting anyone with similar experiences to come forward.

      Scam Details:

      – Amount Lost: 870 USD
      – Cryptocurrency Involved: Other Altcoin
      – Transaction Hash: 958f8abf21fd8dbd4fdfba83f9d6a2b80550d084f206c617f313e96fc498efbc
      – Scam Project Name: Brocoders
      – Fraudulent Website:
      – Receiving Address: TDtteFL74z1gVUYbER3su9eDjU3Qbn4Lak

      If you have been affected by “Brocoders” or have conducted any transactions with them, please share:

      – Your Experience: Detail how you were scammed to help others recognize similar patterns.
      – Additional Information: Any other relevant details such as contact information you received from the scammer, conversations, or other transaction hashes.

      Steps to Take if You’ve Been Scammed:

      1. Report the Scam: Contact local authorities and report the incident. Provide them with all the transaction details.
      2. Notify the Crypto Platform: If the transaction occurred through an exchange, inform them immediately.
      3. Spread the Word: Share your experience on social media and cryptocurrency forums to raise awareness.

      Remember, always exercise caution when engaging in cryptocurrency transactions. Verify the legitimacy of the project and keep a skeptical eye for red flags.

      If you’ve encountered a scam similar to “Brocoders,” please share your story. Together, we can help prevent others from falling victim and possibly assist in tracking down the perpetrators.

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        Mrs Dias

          I have been scammed by them, during 5 days did all the tasks, at 5 th day when they are supposed to deposit the 1st salary , and they did, but while you are completing the task, which means that if there is a combo task (that is supposed to happen twice in a task of 40) you must cover that value. And guess what happened? Yes a combo drop, and in order to retrieve the money I had to cover the value, more than 850eur, then in the 34th task another combo, and I asked to my “mentor” Henry how many combos wilm have, and he replies only 2 max, so if i cover the value I would be able to finnish the task and retrieve the money, so i deposit 2500eur, and got to the 39th task and guess what? Another combo.. I should deposit 5900 eur in order to keep going and withdraw the rest of the money. During few days, Henry tried to convince me that he would help me to recover my money, that he would lend me some crypto currency to help me out… But then i figure that It was a scam.. it was too late.. today they tried to contact me as “customer service” saying that I have a task to finnish. And i just said that they were busted and to not contact me anymore.

          I feel like crap.. never in my life thought that I would be trapped in a thing like that.. but yes i did…and my 3250eur where lost and gone. But for sure I learned the lesson.

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