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      Hello Community,

      Today, I’d like to share a critical review of a potentially fraudulent website,, which was involved in a cryptocurrency scam as reported by a Santa Monica, California resident. The victim lost $30,000 to a romance scam involving a fake investment company named Quotex BS.

      The Scam Operation: Romance and Investment Fraud

      – Scammer’s Approach: The scammer, who used the name Bradley on Tinder and WhatsApp, initially posed as a potential financial mentor and later added a romantic element to lure the victim.
      – Fake Company: Quotex BS, a cryptocurrency options and trades platform dealing in USDT and BTC.
      – Tactics: The scammer used a technique of creating a joint account, claiming to be a skilled investor. He appeared on camera twice, increasing his credibility. Domain Registration and Removal

      – Registration Date: November 18, 2022, through Shanghai Meicheng Technology Information Development Co., Ltd.
      – Current Status: The website is now defunct, possibly removed after the scam activities were reported.

      Quotex Platform: Digital Asset Trading

      – Main Website: Quotex (,, offers digital asset trading with an easy-to-use interface and over 410 instruments.
      – User Reviews: Mixed reviews on Trustpilot, with some users reporting deposit and withdrawal issues, rigged trades, and price manipulation.

      Company Behind Quotex: SOFT HORIZON LTD

      Address: #10 Manoel Street, Castries, Saint Lucia. This address is also associated with Leka Limited.
      – License Details: License number 2023-00045, but the type and source of the license are unspecified.

      User Complaints and Accusations

      – Complaint on August 29, 2023: A user reported losing $23,000 over three months using Quotex.
      – Common Issues: Several users have accused Quotex of withholding funds and providing fake signals, leading to financial losses.

      Conclusion: Exercise Caution

      While Quotex appears to be a legitimate platform for digital asset trading, the numerous complaints and mixed reviews suggest that users should exercise caution. The romance scam involving Quotex BS highlights the need for vigilance when dealing with online investment platforms.

      If you have any experiences or information about Quotex or similar platforms, please share them to help others make informed decisions. Your insights are crucial in navigating the complex world of online trading and investment scams.

      Stay informed and cautious.

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