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      Urgent Community Warning: Be cautious of fraudulent activities associated with a scam identified under the name “Smith.” This scam involves demanding additional funds under false pretenses to facilitate refunds or other financial returns.

      Details of the Scam:

      • Scam Name: Smith
      • Scam Website: (Note: Verify the authenticity of the site, as scam websites often use convincing URLs)
      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: (partial) 7
      • Receiving Address: 0x5E94b59090D33F51321C861565492765C6AbA716

      Victims report aggressive communication tactics, including threats and demands for more money, ostensibly to receive refunds or other dues. Such practices are common in scams designed to extort money from victims continuously.

      If you have been affected by this scam or have conducted transactions with the above Bitcoin address, please come forward and share your experiences. Doing so may help prevent further victimization and contribute valuable information for ongoing OSINT investigations.

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