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      Scam Name: Easypairs

      Scam Website URL: (Note: The legitimacy of this website should be verified as it may be part of the scam.)

      A victim reported a scam involving a person who presented himself as a crypto broker named Bernardo Cavalante, associated with Easypairs. The individual claimed to offer significant returns on investments but instead defrauded the victim of $2,000. The scam was promoted through a Facebook page with testimonials.

      Details for OSINT Investigation:

      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: Not provided (The victim mentioned “2000” which may refer to the amount lost rather than a transaction hash)
      • Scam Contact: WhatsApp number +1 (541) 406-3737
      • Receiving Address: Not fully provided (only “4 Silver Maple crt” was mentioned, which appears to be an incomplete address)

      If you have been affected by Bernardo Cavalante or any related scams involving Easypairs, please come forward and share your story. Even small details, like partial transaction hashes, receiving addresses, or additional contact information, can be significant in tracking the perpetrators and preventing future scams.

      By sharing your experience, you are helping yourself and potentially saving others from becoming victims. Please include any evidence or communications you have, as they can be crucial for others to identify similar scams.

      Together, we can raise awareness and stop fraudulent activities by informing the community and relevant authorities. Your input is valuable and can make a difference.

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