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      Hello everyone,

      I recently stumbled upon a detailed Review of TheBlockchainEra, accessible at, and thought to share it here for further discussion and analysis. The review covers various aspects of, from its history and offerings to legal documents and social media presence. I believe this could be a valuable resource for those looking into potential investments in blockchain-related platforms or trying to identify possible scams.

      1. Background and Initial Impressions:
      –, the site in question, is linked to the now-defunct WeWe Global. After WeWe Global’s collapse, a comment suggested that it has rebranded as The Blockchain Era (TBE). This transition raises initial doubts about TBE’s authenticity.
      – The review delves into the site’s optimistic presentation but notes its lack of specificity in services and overemphasis on community building and recruitment.

      2. Red Flags and Concerns:
      – Multiple aspects of TBE’s operation, such as vague service descriptions, hierarchical reward structures, and an intense focus on recruitment, hint at a possible multi-level marketing strategy.
      – The review points out a lack of transparency in the legal documents and an emphasis on protecting the company’s interests over the users’.

      3. Third-Party Reviews:
      – Various online sources like,, and have reviewed TBE, with many labeling it as a Ponzi scheme or high-risk investment platform.
      – Common threads in these reviews include a lack of transparency, problems with fund withdrawals, and connections to previously known scams.

      4. User Feedback:
      – Trustpilot reviews indicate dissatisfaction among users, particularly regarding unpaid dues and technical issues. There are also claims of TBE being a rebranded version of WeWe Global.

      5. Conclusion:
      – The review advises caution, highlighting the need for thorough research before investing in TBE.
      – It also suggests a potential connection to WeWe Global, which adds to the uncertainty around TBE’s operations.

      Given the information presented, it seems prudent to approach TBE with caution. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts and analyses on this matter. Do you think TheBlockchainEra is a legitimate platform, or does it bear the hallmarks of a scam?

      Stay informed and be cautious!

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