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      Hello Community,

      I want to raise awareness about an experience with a recovery agency called Global Refund Group. This agency claims to assist victims of online scams, such as phishing and brokerage fraud. However, my experience and observations have led me to question their credibility and transparency.

      Global Refund Group: A Closer Look

      The platform has a clean and simple public interface. However, they exhibit vague policies and lack transparency. They claim expertise in consumer finance, yet there’s little information available about their management or operations. The anonymity of their top management and the absence of solid proof backing their claims are concerning.

      Feedback about Global Refund Group is scarce, and surprisingly, they have minimal presence on social media, raising questions about their legitimacy and client engagement.

      Unrealistic Claims and Obscure Policies

      They boast of having recovered over $2 million with a success rate above 95%, a figure that seems unrealistic. Although their website shows high customer satisfaction, there’s no way to verify these scores. While we can’t accuse them outright of falsehoods, more concrete evidence would certainly lend credibility to their claims.

      Questionable Team Structure and Lack of Transparency

      For a recovery agency, having a team of lawyers, financial analysts, and blockchain experts is crucial. Global Refund Group claims to have such a team, but they haven’t disclosed any details about their personnel. This secrecy raises doubts about their capacity to handle complex recovery cases.

      Vague Contact and Support Details

      Their contact methods include email, telephone, and a contact form, with an office address provided. However, the quality of their support team and response times remain unclear. The lack of detailed information on their fee structure and policies only adds to the ambiguity.

      Handling of Different Scams

      They claim to tackle various types of online scams, including forex, trading, and romance scams. While their website covers trading scams, the content is not regularly updated, which is a red flag for a recovery agency.

      Public Feedback and Social Proof

      There’s a significant lack of public feedback or social proof for Global Refund Group. The absence of reviews or discussions on social media and forums is alarming for a company claiming to have helped a large number of clients.

      Is Global Refund Group a Scam?

      While it’s challenging to label them definitively as a scam, the lack of transparency and questionable claims make it hard to trust them. The absence of solid evidence and realistic success rates are concerning.


      Be cautious with Global Refund Group. Their non-transparent operational model and absence of verifiable success stories are major red flags. If you’ve been a victim of an online scam, it’s crucial to approach recovery with skepticism and seek out agencies with a proven track record and transparent practices.

      Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with recovery agencies.

      Stay safe,


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