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Welcome to our review, in which we investigate a website using the logo of a legitimate website, Blakely Financial Services (

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The website is registered under the domain name, which was secured through the registrar NameCheap, Inc., on July 20, 2023, and is set to expire on July 20, 2024. The domain was last updated on July 25, 2023, and currently has its transfer status listed as prohibited, indicating restrictions on transferring the domain name to another registrar. The registrant’s contact information is protected by privacy services provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf, based in the Capital Region of Iceland. The domain’s DNS is managed by and

Hosting for is provided by Hostinger International, with the website’s IP address being Hostinger International Limited, the organization behind the Autonomous System Number (ASN) 47583, is located in Meppel, Drenthe, in The Netherlands, though it is registered in Germany. This setup places the hosting in the Europe/Amsterdam timezone.

An examination of the domain’s web presence reveals a minimal online footprint. According to SEMrush, it has an authority score of 2 and is ranked 0 in SEMrush’s domain rankings, indicating either a new domain or one that is not currently ranking in search engines. The website has no significant organic or paid search traffic, and efforts to track its performance through keywords or regional databases have yielded no results, signifying a lack of substantial online visibility.

The website has a total of 4 backlinks, all of which are follow links, indicating some level of engagement or acknowledgment from other web entities. These backlinks come from a total of 1 referring domain,, which has used the anchor texts “sign up” and “signup” for linking. Despite these connections, the website’s content, including pages on registration, login, privacy policy, “terms and condition,” and its main index, have limited visibility and reach, with only the registration page being acknowledged by external sources.

Pro.BlakeyInvestco.Co Review

Based on the extensive information provided on the BlakeyInvestco website, which encompasses various aspects of the entities known as and Steadfastnft, there are several critical observations and red flags that need to be addressed.

The content presented paints a picture of an investment platform that offers trading in cryptocurrencies, forex, CFDs, and other instruments. The platform purports to provide opportunities for high returns through different investment plans with varied daily earnings percentages. It suggests a structure where anyone can participate without necessarily having an active investment, specifically highlighting an affiliate program designed to reward users for bringing in new investors.

The company asserts robust security measures, including offline storage for digital assets and continuous auditing to ensure the security of user funds. It also mentions customer service, along with 24/7 support, as one of its core strengths.

Throughout the content, the company repeatedly asserts the ease of withdrawals, promises instant processing, and reflects funds in wallets. It also mentions protecting principal investments and guaranteeing returns.

The contact details listed include emails ( and, office addresses in the United Kingdom and United States, and a consistent emphasis on instant communication with their support team.

Serious Red Flags Indicative of a Scam

  1. Unrealistic Returns: The promised returns are extremely high and guaranteed, which is not typical for legitimate investment opportunities. Such guarantees are often used as bait in Ponzi schemes.
  2. Vague Operational Details: The website content lacks specific information about the company’s operations, management team, or the nature of its trading strategies.
  3. Inconsistent Addresses: Multiple addresses are listed, suggesting a lack of a stable headquarters. One address is in Nottingham, UK, and another in the United States, which raises questions about the company’s true location.
  4. Inconsistent Company Names: Both “” and “Steadfastnft” are mentioned, which could indicate a lack of coherence or an attempt to obfuscate identity.
  5. Lack of Regulatory Compliance: They claim exemption from various securities acts without providing evidence of regulatory compliance or oversight from a recognized financial authority.
  6. Terms and Conditions: There are clauses that suggest that once invested, funds may not be returned, and the company can cease payments without explanation. This is not typical for legitimate investment platforms.
  7. Pressure Tactics: Promoting instant signup bonuses and using urgency in language can be techniques used to rush potential investors into participating without conducting proper due diligence.
  8. Certificate Authenticity: The provided certificate image indicates incorporation in 2014, yet there are inconsistencies and no verification of its authenticity. Additionally, the image provided seems to be a generic template which can be a common attribute in fraudulent schemes.
  9. Poor Website Quality: The multitude of spelling and grammatical errors throughout the site’s content diminishes credibility and is uncharacteristic of a professional financial services firm.
  10. Affiliate Program Focus: A disproportionate emphasis on recruiting new members through an affiliate program can indicate a pyramid scheme structure.
  11. Anonymous Leadership: There is no clear information about the company’s leadership team, which is critical for transparency in financial operations.
  12. Inconsistent Investment Statistics: Claims of a vast number of investors and deposits juxtaposed with a $0.00 total for deposits and withdrawals on the same page are contradictory and misleading. Reviews

On January 6, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by a person who reported being scammed for $26K:

He said his name was Richard Daub, and we matched on Tinder on October 16, 2023. He’s 53 years old, born on March 4, 1970. We never met in person. Initially residing in Fort Wayne, IN, he claimed to own houses in San Diego, at 1516 Vine St, San Diego, CA 92103, and one in Paris. Shortly after we started talking, he had to travel to San Diego to oversee a project. This trip was supposed to last only one or two weeks. Roughly three weeks later, he received a call regarding payment for a project he completed over a year ago in Doha, Qatar, which was delayed due to COVID-19. He was invited to discuss the payment with the board of directors and flew out on November 22, 2023.

He engaged a lawyer and a translator. After making the first payment to his lawyer, he encountered issues with his bank account and was unable to make the second payment. Consequently, he requested my assistance. I used the login credentials he provided to transfer money from his account. The following day, he was still unable to access his account, which had been blocked for suspicious activity. It turned out that he needed to visit the bank in England in person to resolve the issue.

At this juncture, we were discussing engagement and marriage, and since he appeared affluent—based on his bank account balance—I offered to obtain loans to cover the translator’s $21,000 fee, expecting to be reimbursed from the $10 million he was due to receive. In total, I secured $26,000 to cover the crypto ATM fees, including two loans from different credit unions and a credit card cash advance.

His meeting concluded with a promised award of $10,100,000. However, he needed to stay on for an inspection, which further postponed our meeting. He proposed that I (his fiancée) manage the payment during his inspection. After completing the necessary beneficiary forms, I received a link to the financial institution—identified as a cryptocurrency firm—for the payment transfer.

Choosing crypto transfer for its speed and lower fees compared to banks, I registered on the website, and followed up with their customer service. An account manager, Professor Beck (contact number +44 7361 584726), instructed me to reach out via WhatsApp. Upon verifying my account and submitting my driver’s license and the beneficiary form, he assured me that the payment would appear within 24 to 48 hours. When the payment did reflect, I inquired about cash conversion and transfer to my account, only to learn that account activation required $50,000.

Before proceeding to withdraw funds from my retirement account, I consulted with my financial advisor, who suspected that I might be the victim of romance fraud. His insight led me to the realization that I was being scammed, and I did not proceed with the activation payment.


The culmination of the evidence presented paints a disconcerting picture of, underscoring the need for potential investors to tread with utmost caution. While the promise of high returns may allure many, the lack of transparency, varying contact details, and exceptionally high promised returns all signal a departure from standard financial and investment practice norms. The presence of testimonials and documentation lacking verifiable authenticity further exacerbates the suspicion.

Furthermore, the entanglement of emotional deceit, as seen in the account of an individual’s engagement with someone claiming affiliation with the site, brings to light a sophisticated scheme designed to exploit trust and hope. The methods described—the request for personal banking credentials, the transfer of funds under duress, and the eventual revelation of a blocked account—bear the hallmarks of fraudulent activity, reinforced by the intervention of a financial advisor identifying it as a likely romance scam.

The convergence of these red flags strongly suggests that operates not as a legitimate investment opportunity but as a facade for nefarious activities. The narrative woven through its operations does not align with ethical business conduct but closely matches the patterns used by entities conducting financial scams. The evidence does not point towards a sound investment but rather to a calculated attempt to misappropriate funds under the guise of a high-yield investment platform.

While the allure of easy profits may be tempting, the inconsistencies and questionable practices associated with led to the inevitable verdict that it is a venture fraught with risk and a high potential for fraud. Potential investors should exercise extreme caution and prioritize the security of their assets by avoiding entanglement with this dubious entity.

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