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Empathyq.com was registered on August 15, 2023, for one year through PSI-USA, Inc. dba Domain Robot. It is protected by Cloudflare, but the registrant contact is publicly available information.

According to WHOIS information, the registrant, Ai Dan, is associated with an organization that bears the same name, Aidan. The provided address is in Montreal, Canada, with a postal code of A0A 0A5. Ai Dan can be reached at +1 (204) 817 8582 or via email at jgdyubwhguyd@outlook.com.

It has just one backlink.

Empathyq.com Review

EmpathyQ markets itself as a user-friendly contract trading platform focusing on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, promoting features like perpetual futures contracts, spot financial business, and a promise of zero slippage for new users. The platform showcases an extensive range of digital asset transactions, emphasizing its appeal to traders through user benefits such as low transaction fees and high-leverage options.

The platform also underlines its regulatory compliance, claiming to have secured the US & Canada dual-country MSB (Money Services Business) license, which is intended to add a layer of trustworthiness and security to its operations.

Key contact details and operational highlights include:

  • The website is accessible at https://www.empathyq.com, with specific sections for registration, trading, privacy policy, and risk disclaimers.
  • It claims a significant trading volume and user base, with operations extending over 26 countries and a technical team comprising blockchain experts.
  • Contact information includes support emails (support@empathyexpro.com) and a focus on customer service with a 24/7 support claim.
  • It mentions a commitment to security with multiple offline signatures and deep cold storage of assets.

Empathy’s presentation as a comprehensive digital asset trading platform is notable for its emphasis on user-friendliness, security, and regulatory compliance. The offering of a broad array of trading options, including innovative contract trading rules and a rewards system for new users, is designed to attract a wide range of investors, from novices to experienced traders. The claim of obtaining a dual-country MSB license in the US and Canada is particularly significant, suggesting operational legitimacy and adherence to financial regulations.


The domain they use for their email address, empathyexpro.com, differs from their main domain, empathyq.com.

Empathyexpro.com, a parked domain, was registered on March 21, 2023, for one year through HOSTINGER operations, UAB. Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org) protects it. It has 2 backlinks.

Information obtained about Empathyexpro.com indicates a highly suspicious and potentially fraudulent operation primarily associated with cryptocurrency investments. The platform has been flagged by users and online scam detection resources for engaging in activities that bear the hallmarks of financial fraud and deceptive practices.

Key points of concern include:

  • User Experiences: Individuals have reported being lured into making investments with promises of high returns. These reports often detail a process where users are initially convinced to invest a small amount, which supposedly leads to significant profits. However, when they attempt to withdraw these profits, they are met with requests for additional payments or taxes, a common tactic used by scam operations to extract more money from their victims.
  • Lack of Transparency: Empathyexpro.com has been criticized for its lack of clear information regarding its operational base, ownership, and regulatory compliance. This opacity is a significant red flag, as legitimate financial and investment platforms typically maintain a high level of transparency about their operations and legal standing.
  • Warnings from Financial Authorities and Online Platforms: The platform has appeared on warnings issued by financial regulatory authorities and scam watchdog websites. These warnings often cite the platform’s engagement in practices that are misleading or directly intended to defraud users.
  • Community Feedback and Online Reviews: Online forums, including Reddit, and scam detection websites feature discussions and reviews from individuals claiming to have been scammed by Empathyexpro.com. These accounts consistently describe patterns of deception, including the inability to withdraw funds and being pressured into making further payments under false pretenses.


Empathyexe.com was registered with PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com, showcasing its initial registration on March 21, 2023, and set to expire on the same date in 2024. The domain’s last update was recorded on July 4, 2023. Cloudflare protects it.

The registrant’s contact details are publicly listed under Empathy Pro, with the organization name also listed as Empathy. The address provided places the organization in New York, NY, with a specific postal code 10002. The phone number provided has a U.S. country code (+1). The contact email is asdadasd321@outlook.com.

The combination of these details provides a snapshot of the domain’s registration background, indicating a relatively new presence on the web. The New York address and contact information suggest an attempt to present a U.S.-based operation, possibly aiming to leverage the credibility and trust often associated with U.S.-based entities.

It had just 3 backlinks.

A review on Scamwatcher.com involving “Jennifer” and empathyexe.com raises several red flags; the claim of having 10 years of experience in financial services contradicts the domain’s registration date of March 21, 2023, with an expiration in 2024. Additionally, the site’s self-description as a “world leader” in crypto investing is questionable, given its absence from Google search results, suggesting a lack of legitimacy and recognition in the cryptocurrency investment sphere. The website’s bilingual option (Chinese and English) may indicate its target demographic or origin of the scam operation.

User reactions and comments on Scamwatcher.com further support the suspicion of fraud, with individuals warning against investing any money and sharing their own experiences of being approached by scammers using similar tactics. One user identified the real person behind the photos sent by “Jennifer,” indicating that the scammer had stolen these images to create a false identity, a common tactic in online scams to gain trust.


Empathyext.com shares several key registration details with empathyexe.com, suggesting a closely related or parallel initiative by the same entity or individuals. Registered through PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com, empathyext.com was also established on March 21, 2023, with an expiration date set for March 21, 2024. This simultaneous registration date indicates a coordinated effort to secure multiple domains, possibly for related purposes or to protect the brand identity. The last update for this domain occurred on August 15, 2023.

The domain employs the same Cloudflare name servers.

The registrant contact information mirrors that of empathyexe.com, with the name Empathy Pro and the organization name Empathy, located in New York, NY, with the postal code 10002. The provided phone number and email address are identical, further cementing the connection between the two domains.

It has just 2 backlinks.


Odehiu.com is registered with PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com, showing its registration date as February 27, 2023, with an expiration set for February 27, 2025. The recent update to the domain’s information was on February 22, 2024. And Cloudflare is used here as well.

The registrant’s contact information is notably less detailed than the other domains, with the state listed as Poland and the country code as PL, indicating a Polish registrant.

It has just 2 backlinks.


Empathyexs.com is another EmpathyQ clone we discovered.

The domain empathyexs.com is registered through PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com, with its registration beginning on March 21, 2023, and set to expire on the same date in 2024, indicating a one-year registration period. It is protected by Cloudflare.

The registrant’s contact information is associated with an entity or individual named “Empathy Pro,” under the organization “Empathy,” located in New York, NY, with a postal code 10002. The contact details include a US phone number (+1.12025961737) and the same email address hosted on Outlook.com.

It has 4 backlinks from 3 referring domains.

According to scamwatcher.com, the website www.empathyexs.com is suspected of being a scam. A report dated 08/30/2023 indicates that there is a fraudulent email associated with the site (support@empathyexpro.com). The website’s URL is provided along with a note that it has a low trust score according to Scamdoc, which is a website that evaluates online service credibility based on various factors, including domain age and contact information reliability.

The scam contents relate to the cryptocurrency market, and there is a comment or review warning others that the site is a scam. The reviewer mentions that they have been unable to withdraw their funds since 08/21/2023, and their requests for customer service through email and chat have been ignored.

An attached image shows a screenshot from a mobile device displaying a withdrawal history from the website www.empathyexs.com. It shows an attempt to withdraw a substantial amount of USDT (187122.1) with the transaction dated 08/21/2023 and is currently marked as “under review.”

EmpathyQ.com – Red Flags and Potential Indicators of a Scam

Despite EmpathyQ’s claims, several red flags and potential indicators of a scam emerge:

  • Lack of Transparency: While the platform claims regulatory compliance and significant operational scale, it provides limited information on its founding team, operational history, or the specific nature of its compliance with US and Canadian regulations. The absence of detailed background information can be a common characteristic of less reputable operations.
  • High Rewards and Benefits with Vague Conditions: The promise of zero slippage for new users and the offer of “millions of USDT benefits” could be overly generous, potentially misleading, and indicative of a scheme to attract deposits from inexperienced traders.
  • Risk Disclaimer and Liability Waivers: The extensive risk disclaimer and emphasis on the user’s responsibility for losses, including the potential for total loss of digital assets, raise concerns. While disclaimers are standard in financial services, the emphasis here is on the high-risk nature of transactions and the extensive waivers of liability, which could absolve the platform of responsibility in adverse situations.
  • Urgency in Copy Trading and Staking Services: The sections on Copy Trading and Staking Services include warnings about the high level of risk and the potential for material losses, which, while honest, also hint at the platform’s potentially volatile and speculative nature.
  • Technical and Security Risks: Mention of risks related to fraud, cyber-attacks, and technical difficulties that may prevent access to or use of digital assets underscore the inherent risks of trading on the platform.

So is EmpathyQ.com a SCAM?

While EmpathyQ attempts to position itself as a legitimate and user-friendly trading platform, these red flags should caution potential users to conduct thorough due diligence and consult with financial advisors before engaging with the platform or similar digital asset trading services.

The combination of promising high returns, a broad disclaimer of liability, and a lack of detailed company information could indicate a high-risk operation or, in the worst case, a scam.

EmpathyQ Reviews

Information from various sources paints a picture of EmpathyQ.com as a highly questionable and potentially fraudulent cryptocurrency trading and investment platform. Multiple red flags have been raised by users and scam detection websites alike, indicating a consistent pattern of deceptive practices associated with EmpathyQ.

Firstly, users have reported engaging with the platform under the pretense of making profitable investments in cryptocurrencies, only to find themselves entangled in schemes that demand more financial input under dubious circumstances. For instance, there have been instances where individuals were led to believe in significant returns on their investments, prompting them to invest substantial amounts of money, including life savings or funds from 401(k) accounts. However, when attempting to withdraw their supposed earnings, they were met with demands for additional payments to release their funds, a classic sign of a scam operation.

Secondly, the website’s credibility is further compromised by its association with unknown email addresses and the use of a mobile number, which adds to its lack of transparency. Additionally, the claim of being a user-friendly contract trading platform offering various financial services is contradicted by user experiences that suggest otherwise.

Moreover, reports on platforms like ScamAdviser, Reddit, and other scam watchdog sites provide anecdotal evidence of individuals being scammed, with users sharing their experiences of losing money through interactions with EmpathyQ. These accounts are supported by warnings and negative reviews, suggesting that EmpathyQ employs tactics typical of financial scams, including unrealistic promises of high returns, the requirement of upfront payments to access funds and the difficulty or impossibility of withdrawing invested money.

In summary, EmpathyQ.com exhibits numerous indicators of being a scam, from user testimonials of fraudulent activities to its presence on scam warning sites.

BBB Review

On October 22, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at empathyq.com by a person who reported being scammed for $54,000:

I fell for sweet talk tactics, meeting someone through WhatsApp due to a supposed wrong number. We started talking, and weeks later, she inquired if I knew anything about cryptocurrency. Admitting my ignorance, she offered to help. I decided to give it a try and initially made some money. Encouraged by her, I withdrew $41,000 from my 401(k) and invested it. Supposedly, I made $59,000, but I’m uncertain about the truth of that claim. When I attempted to withdraw my funds, she assisted me with the process, and I provided screenshots of everything. However, I received an email the next day stating I needed to pay $11,878 to access my funds. Without the necessary funds, I borrowed $12,000 from the bank and deposited it, only to be informed the following day that an additional $28,768 was required to avoid being reported for money laundering. Confused about how to cover this new demand after just paying $12,000, I was initially told I had 30 days to pay. Yet, I received an email insisting on payment by November 4, 2023, which didn’t align with the 30-day timeframe given my withdrawal request on October 16, 2023. Now, I’m struggling to repay the $53,000 owed to my 401(k) and the bank, which amounts to $1,300 a month, a sum I cannot afford.

The complainer was an individual from CA, USA, ZIP code 93550.

The scammer, operating with connections to Los Angeles, CA, utilized a mobile number (1 (657) 204-0831) and a website (https://www.empathyq.com/wap/?utm_source=Trust_iOS_Browser#/home) for their activities.

Reddit Complaint

A discussion on Reddit provides insights into an alleged scam involving the website “Empathyq.com.” According to the user experiences and advice shared, here is a summary of the key points:

  • Empathyq.com is suspected of being a scam, especially since they are requesting a 30% deposit to allow users to withdraw their funds. This is a classic red flag in cryptocurrency scams.
  • The 30% additional deposit is likely a tactic to extract more money from victims.

EmpathyQ Review Conclusion

The details provided in the review strongly suggest that the website in question, Empathyq.com, is operating as part of a scam. The red flags are numerous and align with common tactics employed in fraudulent schemes, particularly those involving cryptocurrency.

Firstly, the requirement to make additional substantial payments to access one’s funds is a hallmark of advanced fee fraud. Legitimate financial services and cryptocurrency exchanges do not typically ask for upfront payments to release funds, as this goes against standard financial regulations and practices.

The urgency and inconsistency in the communication from the entity also point to fraudulent tactics. Scammers often create a false sense of urgency to pressure victims into making hasty decisions, such as paying additional fees to avoid unfounded legal threats like being reported for money laundering.

Moreover, the fact that the complainer was given contradictory information about the timeframe to make payments adds to the suspicion, as it demonstrates a lack of transparency and professionalism that would be expected from a legitimate company.

The anecdotal evidence from Reddit further corroborates the suspicion, with other users identifying similar patterns of deceitful behavior associated with the website. The demand for a 30% deposit to allow withdrawal is not a practice observed in credible financial institutions, and such a requirement is often a tactic used to perpetuate a scam by continually extracting money from victims under false pretenses.

Bottom Line

While one cannot legally adjudicate the status of the website without an official investigation, all the signs indicate that Empathyq.com is very likely a scam. Individuals should exercise extreme caution and avoid engaging with this website or any similar operations that exhibit these warning signs. Those affected should report their experiences to the appropriate legal and regulatory authorities so that proper actions can be taken against the operators of such schemes.

Please share your experiences by replying below or head to our crypto forums to engage in discussion with our community.

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