Helixprobro.com – Is Helix Pro a SCAM?

Welcome to our Helix Pro review, in which we investigate the website at Helixprobro.com.

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Helixprobro.com, a domain recently registered with Gname.com Pte. Ltd. on March 19, 2024, and set to expire on the same date in 2025, has quickly stirred interest and scrutiny within the digital space. Hosted by Cloudflare, this website leverages an IP address of and is protected by a clientTransferProhibited status, indicating restrictions on domain transfers. Despite its Hong Kong registrant contact, the site is intricately tied to the United States through Cloudflare’s infrastructure, specifically using autonomous system number 13335.

In the realm of digital visibility and search engine optimization, helixprobro.com presents an enigma. It boasts a zero Authority Score and Semrush Domain Rank, indicating its nascent or low-visibility status in the digital ecosystem. This is further evidenced by the domain’s lack of organic search traffic and keywords and its meager presence of only two backlinks from two referring domains. Such metrics suggest the domain is either too new to have garnered significant online traction or its content is not optimized for search engine discovery and ranking.

The absence of regional database listings and the inability to register on any significant scale in organic search or paid traffic metrics underscores a potential red flag for users and analysts alike. The lack of substantial SEO data, including organic keywords and traffic insights, hints at the site’s minimal digital footprint or engagement.

Helixprobro.com Review

Helix Pro presents itself as “The Most Secure Cryptocurrency Trading Platform,” boasting a substantial 24-hour trading volume and claiming over two million users. The site is neatly laid out with real-time pricing on popular cryptocurrency pairs and markets. It purports to offer liquidity mining, asset trading, and other investment services. Helix Pro claims a global reach, asserting it is the world’s leading blockchain asset financial service provider with offices in Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong. The platform also advertises high transactional performance, with a touted 300,000 transactions per second at less than one millisecond order response time.

While Helix Pro’s website appears polished at first glance, critical analysis raises serious concerns. The promised App Store link leads nowhere, and the availability of a direct APK download for Android devices deviates from standard secure practices on legitimate trading platforms. The Online Customer Service widget, which is a common feature on such sites, doesn’t alleviate the unease when combined with the rest of the questionable elements.

The red flags become more prominent with the site’s lack of Google indexing, suggesting deliberate evasion from typical search engine scrutiny. Moreover, the website’s resemblance to previously exposed Chinese scam operations adds to the suspicion. There are no credible regulatory affiliations or licensing information, which are crucial for establishing trust in the financial service sector. This absence is critical because legitimate platforms usually display such information prominently to affirm their compliance with financial regulations.

In essence, while Helix Pro attempts to portray a robust trading infrastructure, it omits verifiable transparency and regulatory compliance, which are hallmarks of trustworthy financial platforms. The incongruities between its self-representation and the typical standards expected of a secure trading service strongly indicate the potential for this being a scam operation.

Helixprobro.com Reviews

The Google search results for “helixprobro.com” are alarmingly scarce, revealing a lack of a substantial online presence often expected from a legitimate cryptocurrency trading platform. The only notable search result leads to a page that lists “helixprobro.com” among various other domains in the context of providing free high-quality backlinks. This particular result, found on a Vietnamese site called “rao5s.vn,” is usually indicative of SEO backlink strategies, which websites can employ to artificially improve their search engine rankings.

The association of “helixprobro.com” with such a site raises questions about the trading platform’s authenticity and reputability. Typically, legitimate financial services do not need to resort to such backlinking tactics. They rely on the strength of their service offerings, user experience, and compliance with financial regulations to naturally accrue a robust online presence.

Furthermore, the absence of direct matches or meaningful content related to “helixprobro.com” on Google suggests a deliberate attempt to minimize visibility to the general public or a very recent inception that hasn’t been indexed properly yet. Either scenario does not bode well for the site’s perceived legitimacy. A new platform lacking an established online footprint should still have some basic mentions or descriptions through marketing efforts, press releases, or financial news coverage.

Additionally, the lack of reviews, user testimonials, regulatory information, and meaningful content directly related to “helixprobro.com” intensifies the skepticism around the platform’s claims. For a domain with a significant trading volume and a large user base, the near-invisibility on a widely used search engine like Google is a significant red flag.

For anyone researching “helixprobro.com” for investment or trading purposes, the available information—or rather, the lack thereof—compels a cautious approach.

Complaints We Received

On March 30, 2024, we received the following complaint:

I am a user of both Kraken and Helixprobro.com (Helix EP, which is a decentralized short-term trading platform). I encountered an issue when attempting to withdraw $688,886 from my Helixprobro.com (Helix EP) account. Unfortunately, the funds did not appear in my Kraken account. After discussing the matter with a customer representative from Kraken, I was informed that Helixprobro.com had indicated the funds were stuck on the blockchain. They suggested that I deposit additional funds to resolve the issue. I feel like a victim of a scam.


In concluding our review of Helixprobro.com, the evidence compiled casts a long shadow over its claims of being a premier, secure cryptocurrency trading platform. From its recent and brief domain registration history to the significant discrepancies between its purported user base and the practically non-existent digital footprint, the warning signals are both clear and concerning.

The platform’s lack of transparency, particularly in relation to regulatory compliance and operational licensing, deviates markedly from industry norms where such information is typically prominent and readily verifiable. This absence alone warrants a high degree of caution from potential users. The presence of misleading links and the provision of an APK file for Android, bypassing the security protocols of established app stores, further undermines the credibility of Helix Pro and raises serious questions about its intent and legitimacy.

The scant online presence on search engines and the site’s association with questionable backlink practices add to the growing list of red flags. For a platform that boasts high transaction volumes and a vast user base, such an underwhelming online presence is not just unusual; it’s suspicious.

The experiences shared by our readers, particularly the alarming account of a user unable to withdraw a significant sum and then being advised to deposit more funds – a classic hallmark of online financial scams – provide compelling anecdotal evidence to approach Helixprobro.com with extreme skepticism.

Bottom Line

While we stop short of declaring Helixprobro.com an outright scam—given the absence of irrefutable proof—it is incumbent upon us to advise potential users to exercise the utmost caution. The inconsistencies and anomalies we have uncovered suggest that, at the very least, Helixprobro.com does not meet the standards required to be considered a safe and reliable cryptocurrency trading platform. It is incumbent upon every potential investor to conduct thorough due diligence and proceed with caution when engaging with platforms that exhibit such troubling characteristics.

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4 thoughts on “Helixprobro.com – Is Helix Pro a SCAM?”

  1. I have this money in Helix Pro, $753,504, but they freezed it becausethey say 3rd-party anomaly bec somebody put $320K.
    The person who deposited is Stephanie Zhaozhao Tan of Santa Monica, CA.
    They will not release until I deposit 20% or $151K.
    It must be planted by Helix Pro and Zhaozhao is in cahoots with them.

    1. Hello Dante,

      Thank you for reaching out and sharing your situation. It sounds like you’re dealing with a complex and potentially distressing scenario. Given the substantial amount you’ve mentioned, $753,504, it’s crucial to approach this matter with professional assistance.

      We strongly recommend consulting with CNC Intelligence, a renowned firm specializing in cryptocurrency tracing and cyber investigations. Their expertise in handling cases like yours is unparalleled. They can provide an initial consultation at no cost to assess your case and determine the best course of action.

      Please do not hesitate to take this step; the details you’ve shared suggest the need for thorough analysis and professional intervention to address your concerns properly.

      Best regards,

      1. Hi Adam,

        Thank you very much for the help. Yes, they have stressed me for 2 weeks and until now.

        I will contact CNC Intelligence.

        1. Hello Dante,

          Thank you for following up and providing more details about your situation. It’s concerning to hear that your funds have been frozen due to what Helix Pro describes as a ‘third-party anomaly’. The requirement for you to deposit an additional 20% of your total funds to release the frozen amount is particularly alarming and resembles a tactic often used in financial scams.

          Given the complexity of your case and the significant amount involved, it’s crucial to proceed with caution:

          1. Do Not Make Any Additional Payments: It’s common for scammers to request additional funds under various pretexts, such as unlocking frozen money. This is usually a red flag.

          2. Contact CNC Intelligence: As you’ve decided to contact CNC Intelligence, please discuss this new development with them. They have the expertise to provide a deeper analysis of the situation and can advise you on the best course of action. Their experience with cryptocurrency tracing and cyber investigations will be invaluable.

          3. Document All Communications: Continue to keep detailed records of all interactions with Helix Pro and any other parties involved. This documentation will be crucial for any investigation.

          4. Legal Consultation: Consider consulting a legal professional who specializes in fraud and financial crimes. They can provide guidance specific to your jurisdiction and help protect your rights.

          5. Stay Vigilant: Be cautious and secure with your personal information. Do not share any more financial details or make commitments until you have a clear understanding of the situation.

          Your proactive approach in seeking help is commendable, and we’re here to support you through this process. Please continue to update us as the situation evolves, and do not hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance.

          Best regards,

          ScamCrypto.net Forum Moderator

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