PBEX Review – Is pbexres.com a SCAM?

Welcome to our PBEX review, in which we investigate the website at pbexres.com.

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PBEXres.com was registered on April 3, 2023, for one year through PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com. Cloudflare and Privacy Protect, LLC (PrivacyProtect.org) protect it; thus, we do not yet know who is behind the website or where they might be located.

Only 2 domains link to it, and there is no evidence that this website gets any traffic. It’s not even indexed on Google.

PBEXres.com Review

The content from the PBEX website portrays it as a high-performance open-source blockchain platform designed to support and operate a secure, compliant, and predictable digital infrastructure.

It boasts a high trading volume and a significant user base, presenting itself as a reliable entity for cryptocurrency trading.

The platform emphasizes its advantages, such as safety and stability, professional compliance, user-first approach, and high-performance trading capabilities.

It claims to operate a top-notch technical team, offer comprehensive security protection, and possess a professional operation team with years of experience in blockchain and the financial industry.

Additionally, it provides customer support with a global market orientation and promises high-speed transactions for a variety of digital asset products.

Red Flags

However, there are several red flags in the content provided that raise concerns about the legitimacy of PBEX.

Firstly, the promise of easy profits and guaranteed returns is a common tactic used by fraudulent platforms to lure unsuspecting investors. The pressure to make additional deposits to receive special pins or to enable withdrawals is highly suspicious and not characteristic of reputable trading platforms.

Moreover, the requirement to pay a substantial fee to conduct an audit before allowing withdrawals is unorthodox and suggests an attempt to extort more funds from users.

The use of generic stock images and vague language in the ‘About Us’ section, without specific details about the team or the company’s history, lacks transparency and fails to establish trust.

The site also appears to be a template used across multiple scam websites, which is a technique often employed by scammers to quickly launch new scams without investing in unique site designs or genuine company branding.

The contact details provided on the website should be scrutinized. Legitimate companies typically have verifiable contact information, including an address, phone number, and customer service email. For PBEX, there are no contact details provided, which further compounds the suspicion.

The regulatory information is another critical aspect. Genuine trading platforms are usually regulated by one or more financial regulatory authorities, and they prominently display their licensing information. Since PBEX lacks such information, it indicates a lack of legitimacy.

PBEX Reviews

The website PBEX, found at pbexres.com, is presented as a cryptocurrency trading and investment platform, allowing users to trade various cryptocurrencies and offering investment plans with promised returns. However, numerous online reviews and analyses suggest that PBEX could be a scam.

Scamadviser, an online platform that assesses the legitimacy of websites, has given PBEX a very low trust score of 1 out of 100, indicating strong signs of the site being a scam. This assessment is based on several factors, including domain registration details, website traffic, and other websites hosted on the same server. Notably, the website is reported to have low visitor numbers and shares a server with other low-rated websites. Scamadviser also points out that many spammers and scammers use the same domain registrar as PBEX.

Additionally, the website has been flagged for offering cryptocurrency services, which are considered high-risk, and for characteristics commonly associated with High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs), which are often scams. The website also supports anonymous payment methods, which can complicate the process of getting money back in case of fraud.

The website’s content is reported to have duplicates across the web, which is typical of fraudulent sites. The absence of owner information, recent domain registration, and the lack of a physical business presence are also noted as red flags.

On October 8, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam:

I became ensnared in a cryptocurrency scam through an individual I connected with on LinkedIn, who later persuaded me to continue our discussions on WhatsApp using the number 1-985-317-2300. This scammer introduced me to a so-called crypto trading platform named PBEX, accessible via https://pbexres.com/#/home and https://pbexep.com/#/home. Despite my initial reservations, I was convinced to engage in “contract trading” on this fraudulent platform. From March to May 2023, under the scammer’s purported guidance, I invested a substantial amount in cryptocurrency—approximately half of which was borrowed—resulting in a paper profit of $1,300,000.

Initially, the platform permitted the withdrawal of modest amounts, ranging from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. However, when I attempted to withdraw a larger sum to repay a loan I had secured for trading, I was informed that I had to pay a 20% audit fee on the total asset value before any withdrawal could be processed. It was at this juncture that I recognized the reality of the situation: I had fallen prey to an organized financial scam.

In summary, the collective information from online scam review platforms and the indicators identified suggest exercising extreme caution with PBEX.

PBEX Review Conclusion

In concluding our review of PBEX and the website pbexres.com, it is evident that the platform raises numerous red flags that are commonly associated with fraudulent operations. The seductive veneer of a sophisticated cryptocurrency trading platform is undermined by a host of warning signs that cannot be ignored. The very low trust score by Scamadviser, the reported absence of significant web traffic, and the lack of any substantial indexing on Google all point toward the possibility of a scam.

The website’s assurances of easy profits, the unusual demands for additional payments, and a distinct lack of transparency regarding the platform’s ownership and operational specifics further erode any credibility PBEX might claim. The absence of verifiable regulatory compliance, which is a cornerstone of legitimate financial platforms, casts a shadow on the website’s legal standing and intention.

Moreover, the personal account of an individual who engaged with PBEX and suffered considerable financial loss provides a narrative that aligns with the patterns of a classic financial scam: initial small-scale withdrawals allowed to foster trust, followed by escalating demands for money under various pretexts, with the ultimate goal of extracting as much capital as possible from the victim.

The totality of these aspects—coupled with the site’s recent registration, the sharing of a server with low-rated websites, the use of generic content across multiple domains, and a suite of high-risk cryptocurrency services—strongly suggests that PBEX operates with dubious motives.

The Bottom Line Regarding PBEXres.com

With the information at hand, we urge the crypto community to approach PBEX with the highest level of scrutiny. For those considering an investment, it is crucial to exercise due diligence, seek out independent verification of claims, and proceed with caution.

For those who have been affected by PBEX, sharing your experiences can serve as a powerful deterrent to others who might fall prey to similar schemes. By fostering a culture of openness and collective vigilance, we can hope to create a safer environment within the cryptocurrency space.

Please share your experiences by replying below or head to our forums to engage in discussion with our community.

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