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Welcome to our Quedex review, in which we investigate the website at quedexlkx.com.

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Quedexlkx.com was registered on June 29, 2023, for one year through Gname.com Pte. Ltd. The registrant appears to be located in Hong Kong, China. Cloudflare protects the domain.

It has just 2 backlinks from web directories and is currently not indexed on Google.

Quedexlkx.com Review

The website presents Quedex as “The Most Secure Cryptocurrency Trading Platform,” highlighting a 24-hour trading volume in excess of $65 million, a user base of over 2 million, and integration with over 30 liquidity providers. The interface showcases various cryptocurrency pairs with their latest prices, 24-hour changes, volume, and graphical price trends. The company emphasizes speed and reliability, claiming ultra-low latency and a high-performance trading experience, and asserts a strong focus on user support with multi-language, 24/7 availability.

In terms of compliance and security, Quedex asserts the use of a professional operation team with extensive blockchain experience, a compliant digital asset trading license, and a deposit guarantee. They underline their commitment to user security and present themselves as a user-centric platform. Furthermore, the website includes a news section with updates on cryptocurrency market trends and announcements from the platform, which might suggest active engagement in the crypto community.

Quedex’s “About Us” section describes the platform as a high-performance, open-source blockchain platform, catering to professional trading users worldwide and offering a wide range of digital asset trading and investment services. The company claims to be a global leader in financial services for blockchain assets, serving users from over 130 countries, with independent offices in multiple regions, including the United States, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, and more.

Red Flags

Now, let’s consider potential red flags or indicators that could suggest a scam:

  1. Generic and Vague Statements: The language used on the website is somewhat generic and lacks specific details. Phrases like “The Most Secure Cryptocurrency Trading Platform” are marketing jargon and may not be substantiated with verifiable facts.
  2. Absence of Specific Regulatory Information: While the website mentions compliance and a professional operation team, there is no specific mention of regulatory oversight by any known financial authorities. This omission is a concern because legitimate trading platforms typically disclose their regulatory status to establish credibility.
  3. Lack of Concrete Contact Details: A critical component for establishing trust with a financial service is the availability of concrete contact details. The screenshots do not reveal any physical addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or specific names of individuals involved, which could be considered a red flag.
  4. Unverified Performance Claims: The site claims high transaction volumes and user counts, but without external verification, these numbers cannot be considered reliable.
  5. Domain and Web Presence: A legitimate business should have a strong web presence and a professional domain.

In conclusion, while the website attempts to present a legitimate and robust trading platform, the lack of specific regulatory information, concrete contact details, and verifiable claims raises questions about its legitimacy.

Quedex Reviews

The Google search results for “quedexlkx.com” suggest numerous negative indicators that are highly relevant for your review:

  1. Poor Customer Ratings: The website “quedexlkx.com” has a very low customer rating of 1.0 based on 2 reviews on REVIEWS.io. Such a low rating, especially on a third-party reviews platform, is a significant red flag indicating customer dissatisfaction and potential issues with the services offered by the site.
  2. Warnings of Scam: Multiple sources, including a YouTube channel named Glentham Litigation, have explicitly labeled “quedexlkx.com” as a scam. Videos with titles such as “Exposing quedexlkx.com scam. quedexlkx is a scam, stay away,” suggest that this opinion might be shared by several users and possibly based on personal negative experiences.
  3. Extremely Low Trust Score: Scamdoc.com, a website that evaluates the trustworthiness of other websites, has given “quedexlkx.com” a trust index of only 1%, which is alarmingly low and suggests that the website is not trustworthy.
  4. Potential Victim Reports: ScamPulse.com has potential victim reports about “quedexlkx.com,” which implies that there have been complaints or negative experiences associated with the website.
  5. Shared IP Address Concerns: The IP address associated with “quedexlkx.com” is listed on AlienVault, which may suggest that the website shares its server with other websites. While not necessarily indicative of a scam on its own, this could raise concerns about the website’s legitimacy and security.

These findings collectively point towards “quedexlkx.com” being perceived negatively by various entities and individuals, with strong warnings to stay away from the site due to scam accusations.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Complaint

On September 14, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by a person who reported being scammed for $500K:

I received an inquiry from Rayyan regarding finding a home to purchase in my hometown. We spoke on the phone (his numbers are 716-216-2936 and later 650-265-0823), and I developed his search criteria. During our conversations, other interests came up, and he told me about his occupation as an online cryptocurrency trader. He started to share more about his success. He traded through a platform called Quedex that allows you to conduct cryptocurrency option trading. Through discussions, I became interested and set up an account with his help. My account was linked to my crypto wallet, so I felt it was secure. Through my wallet, I would go to my browser and type in “www.quedexlkx.co/h5” (and www.quedexind.com/h5). From here, I would have access to the Quedex platform and could conduct crypto option trading. Rayyan and I communicated almost entirely through WhatsApp. To trade, I would deposit money from my bank into Coinbase, and from Coinbase, I would then transfer the funds to my Quedex account. Everything was under my control and only guided by Rayyan. I began trading on the platform with his guidance as well. He would teach me the trends, and I would place bids when trends aligned. I was very successful and mostly traded correctly. As my funds grew, so did my confidence. He convinced me to deposit more money into the account because the crypto market was doing well for option trading. I decided to continue investing and increase my stakes. Over a period of 5 weeks, I had deposited close to $250k. My account size grew to roughly $2.3M from my successful trades. Then, on July 27th, Rayyan showed me how to withdraw my funds. I attempted to withdraw just $100, and it went through with no issues into my Coinbase account. He then advised me to withdraw $2M because he didn’t like keeping a lot of money within Quedex. When I tried to withdraw this amount, Quedex customer support informed me that the amount was too large and that I needed to make a security deposit of 10%, or roughly $200k. I proceeded to do this as I didn’t know if I had any other options. After I deposited this amount into my Quedex account, they informed me that I was about 6 months out in the queue to receive my funds. If I wanted it faster, I could become a VIP member, which they said would allow me to get all my funds back immediately for a fee of $122,222 USD. After some back and forth, I agreed and deposited this amount into my Quedex account. Once again, they acknowledged the deposit, but since then, they had many Super VIP members request withdrawals. My queue was still 6 months out. They promised that if I became a Super VIP, that would complete the tiers of membership, and I would receive all of my funds immediately. I told them that I would wait it out. Once I confirmed that I would no longer be depositing funds into my Quedex account, Rayyan stopped talking to me, and Quedex Customer Service also ceased communication. Rayyan even blocked me on WhatsApp almost immediately. A few weeks went by, and I was, of course, frantic, looking for answers and constantly checking my Quedex account to ensure that the funds were still there. Even today, the funds are in the account, but there is no customer support or anyone able to withdraw my funds. My account is essentially frozen. I now fear that this was a very sophisticated scam and that my money is now lost forever. I have essentially lost everything I have if I am unable to recover these funds. I have saved my conversation with Quedex customer support and also the majority of my conversations with Rayyan.

The scammer’s information was reported to be:

  • Location: New York, NY Mail
  • Email: rayyanmalik967@gmail.com
  • Phone: (716) 216-2936
  • Website: www.quedexlkx.com

Quedex Review Conclusion

In this review, we have delved into the operations of Quedex via quedexlkx.com, uncovering a landscape riddled with red flags. The platform, which touts itself as the paragon of security in cryptocurrency trading, seems to cast a shadow rather than shed light on its operations. With registration details rooted in Hong Kong and a domain under Cloudflare’s protection, there is an air of legitimacy. However, the lack of Google indexing and minimal backlink support strip away the veneer of credibility.

The allure of Quedex’s trading platform, with its impressive transaction volumes and global reach, fades under scrutiny. The absence of concrete regulatory information, coupled with a lack of verifiable contact details, erodes the trust required for such a financial venture. Moreover, the generic language used on the website lacks the specificity one would expect from a leading trading platform. When juxtaposed with the extremely low trust score from Scamdoc and the outright warnings of scam from various sources, the image of Quedex darkens.

The troubling account of a user who allegedly lost substantial funds through Quedex paints a picture of a sophisticated scam, one that utilizes the veneer of legitimacy and the allure of cryptocurrency gains to ensnare victims. The pattern of requiring ever-increasing deposits for elevated membership statuses, followed by a lack of communication, is characteristic of fraudulent schemes. The fact that funds appear untouchable in user accounts further solidifies the suspicion of malfeasance.

The Bottom Line Regarding Quedexlkx

Given the gravity of these concerns and the potential financial and emotional harm inflicted on its users, it is imperative that those considering engagement with Quedex exercise the utmost caution.

The experiences shared by victims and the analysis of the platform’s web presence suggest that Quedex is not a bastion of crypto trading but rather a mirage crafted to deceive.

It is through vigilance and sharing of these stories that the crypto community can safeguard itself against such predatory practices.

Please share your experiences by replying below or head to our forums to engage in discussion with our community.

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