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Welcome to our SGIBN review, in which we investigate the website at

Did scam you? Please share your story below and help create a safer community. Review is a recently registered domain, created on October 16, 2023, and set to expire on October 16, 2024. The domain is registered with Hosting Concepts B.V., also known as, and uses Cloudflare’s name servers, specifically and The Whois Privacy Protection Foundation, based in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands, protects the registration details, ensuring that the actual contact information of the registrant, administrative, and technical contacts remains private.

The website is hosted by Cloudflare, Inc., with a server located in Toronto, Canada. Multiple online sources have flagged as suspicious, indicating potential fraudulent activity associated with the domain. Analysis tools such as SEMrush reveal that the site has very low authority, minimal organic search traffic, and a negligible backlink profile, which is typical for new or dubious websites. Review presents itself as a comprehensive online and mobile banking platform, offering services such as personal and business banking, mortgages, commercial banking, and various digital banking solutions. The website is professionally designed and features sections on customer care, security, fraud prevention, and terms of use. SGIBN claims to provide convenient online banking options, including account management, bill payments, fund transfers, and a mobile banking app with features like fingerprint authentication and push notifications.

The platform emphasizes security measures such as biometric login, multi-factor authentication, and fraud protection tools to reassure customers of their commitment to safeguarding personal and account information. Additionally, SGIBN promotes various banking products and services, such as direct deposit, mobile wallets, and loan payments. The website also includes a section for customer service with detailed FAQs and contact options.

The site lists contact details, including a phone number (+46766926263), an email address (, and a physical address in Stockholm, Sweden (Osternas Varvsvag 12, Stockholm 76194). SGIBN claims to be a member of the FDIC and an equal housing lender, which are significant credentials for a legitimate financial institution.

However, several red flags suggest that may be involved in fraudulent activities.

Red Flags

Firstly, the domain was only recently registered on October 16, 2023, which is typical for scam sites with short lifespans. The domain registration details are protected by a privacy service, making it difficult to verify the legitimacy of the entity behind the website. While common for many sites, Cloudflare’s hosting is also frequently used by fraudulent operations to obscure their true location.

While the website’s content appears professional, it lacks verifiable links to social media accounts or other external references that could lend credibility. The phone number provided is an international number, which can be another tactic to avoid traceability. Moreover, multiple sources have flagged the site as suspicious, indicating potential fraudulent behavior.

SGIBN Reviews

Independent reviews on sites like ScamAdviser highlight concerns about the legitimacy of, noting that it has been flagged as suspicious. Users report issues such as being directed to call a phone number that belongs to another bank in California, suggesting possible deceitful practices. The presence of various negative indicators and the lack of verifiable external references further raise suspicions about the authenticity of this banking platform.

Additionally, there is a detailed review regarding, a platform linked to, where users experienced significant financial losses. Victims reported being lured into trading with promises of high returns, only to face exorbitant fees and demands for further payments under the guise of platform fees and transfer charges. When users attempted to withdraw their funds, all transfers were paused, and they were directed to contact, which claimed to be holding their funds. This pattern of fraudulent behavior, involving both and, underscores the likelihood of being part of a broader scam operation, further emphasizing the need for caution.


In evaluating, several concerning factors cast doubt on its legitimacy as a banking platform. The combination of a recently registered domain, privacy-protected registration details, and using Cloudflare for hosting raises immediate red flags typical of fraudulent websites. Despite the site’s professional appearance and claims of offering a range of banking services, these superficial elements do not outweigh the significant warning signs identified through deeper scrutiny.

Independent reviews and analysis tools, such as ScamAdviser, further reinforce the suspicion, highlighting the site’s dubious nature and lack of credibility. Users have reported inconsistencies and deceptive practices aligning with common scam tactics. The website’s strategy of providing seemingly comprehensive services while obfuscating critical contact information and operational transparency is particularly alarming.

Bottom Line

Given these findings, it is prudent to approach with extreme caution. While it is theoretically possible that is a legitimate, albeit new, banking service, the overwhelming evidence suggests otherwise. Potential users should avoid engaging with the platform until more concrete evidence of its legitimacy can be established. In online financial services, where trust and transparency are paramount, fails to provide the necessary assurances, making it highly likely to be a scam.

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