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      A person I knew suggested I invest in cryptocurrency for significant financial gains and recommended Trader-cr as a trustworthy company. I was then contacted by phone by Dominic Griffin from Trader-cr, who offered to teach me about investing and its potential high returns. My initial investment indeed grew, though at a reasonable pace. Dominic urged me to invest more, justifying the time he spent teaching me. I made it clear that I needed to be able to physically withdraw my funds before considering further investment. However, withdrawing the money using their methods proved impossible. During a trip, I messaged Dominic via WhatsApp, insisting on withdrawing my initial investment, but I never heard from him again. About two weeks ago, Anthony Cipriani, another representative from Trader-cr, called to inform me that my account had accumulated over $30,000. Skeptical, I checked the website and saw the funds but remained adamant about withdrawing my initial investment, even offering to leave the rest. Anthony said someone from the finance department would contact me about the withdrawal process and told me not to worry. The finance person called yesterday, mocking me for wanting to withdraw just $250 from an account supposedly containing over $30,000. When I confirmed, he said I needed to pay a $6,000 fee to Dominic Griffin to access my funds. This tactic seemed designed to prevent withdrawals and steal my money.

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