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      My friend Melissa proposed that if I sent her $250 in bitcoins, she would return $2,500 to me. She mentioned working with an agent, whose name she did not disclose. Following her instructions, I used CashApp to purchase $250 in bitcoins and sent them to the wallet address she provided. However, the transaction was returned, stating the amount was not available but $5,000 could be sent instead. Despite my reluctance, Melissa insisted that if I could contribute an additional $250, she would ensure I received $5,000. Complying, I bought more bitcoins and sent them to another wallet address she provided. Subsequently, she informed me that she could not send the money through CashApp and would instead issue a check from Major Micro Finance Bank for $10,000. When I inquired about the reason for the increased amount, she explained that upon receiving and depositing the check, I should send the funds through CashApp, asserting she had the wallet evidence to support this transaction.

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