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      Greetings Community,

      Today, we’re examining the legitimacy of, a platform that has garnered attention due to complaints and allegations of being a scam.

      Overview of

      – Origin of Concern: A BBB complaint alerted us to, with claims of misleading crypto trading information and difficulties in fund withdrawal.
      – Domain Details: Registered recently in February 2023 by Sergey Tihonov from Russia,’s brief existence raises questions.

      Investigating Hotbitex and

      – Domain Variations: The existence of and suggests possible confusion or intentional misleading.
      – Website Analysis: Claims of futures trading, asset security, and a position among the top secure exchanges. However, these claims are not verifiable on

      Red Flags and Concerns

      – Newly Established Domain: The recent registration date of the domain is a concern, given the lack of historical data and reputation.
      – Inconsistencies in Naming: The difference in spelling between the domain name and the website name could indicate potential deception.
      – Limited Backlink Profile: The new site has a minimal online footprint, with mostly spam links.
      – Suspicious Programs: Various programs like Affiliate, Bug Bounty, HOTBITEXSwap, and HOTBITEX Earn, although extensive, lack credible backing.

      Customer Support and Contact Information

      – Lack of Transparent Communication: The website only provides email addresses for contact, with no phone numbers or physical addresses, which is unusual for a reputable exchange.

      Connected Domains and Similarities

      – Multiple Associated Domains: Sergey Tihonov is linked to several other defunct domains, further complicating the website’s legitimacy.
      – Clone Website Discovery: The existence of a clone website, COBYBITSwap, adds to the suspicion surrounding

      Final Thoughts

      – Cautious Approach Recommended: Given the above red flags, including recent domain registration, lack of transparency, and questionable programs, we advise caution when interacting with
      – Need for Diligence: As always, thorough research and due diligence are critical when engaging with new cryptocurrency platforms.

      Your thoughts and experiences with are invaluable to our discussion. Please share them below.

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