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      Hello, Community Family,

      Beware of a new smishing scam using the name of Evri, a trusted brand, to deceive mobile users. This scam is a serious threat as it capitalizes on the brand’s trust to lure victims into revealing personal information.

      Understanding Smishing:
      Smishing is a phishing attack conducted via SMS. Scammers spoof a phone number or email address to appear as a legitimate entity, like a bank or a known company. The message often contains a link leading to a fake website designed to steal personal data. These attacks are becoming more common, and distinguishing them from genuine messages can be challenging.

      The Evri Text Message Scam:
      In the Evri Text Message Scam, fraudsters send texts pretending to be from Evri, claiming that the recipient has won a prize. The message includes a link to claim the prize, but it actually leads to a phishing site aimed at stealing personal information. Remember, if you receive such a text, do not click on any links and report it immediately.

      Reporting the Evri Text Message Scam:
      If you receive a suspicious text claiming to be from Evri:
      1. Note the sender’s number and the content of the message.
      2. Report it to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) either online or by phone.
      3. Provide details like the text’s content, sender’s number, and the time you received it.

      Staying Safe from Smishing Scams:
      – Be wary of text messages asking for personal information.
      – Verify the authenticity of the message by contacting the company directly.
      – Avoid clicking on links in unsolicited texts.
      – Never share personal information in response to a text message.

      Recovering from Evri Text Message Scam:
      If you’ve fallen victim to this scam:
      1. Contact your bank or credit card company to report fraudulent charges.
      2. Consider filing a police report with any evidence you have.
      3. Reach out to your state’s consumer protection office.

      Your experiences and stories about encountering the Evri Text Message Scam are valuable. Share them in the comments to help raise awareness.

      Stay informed and vigilant to protect yourself from these evolving online scams.

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