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      Hey folks,

      Just wanted to share a quick thing that happened to me recently. So, I got this email that I’m pretty sure was a scam, but luckily, I didn’t fall for it.

      Here’s the deal: I got this email supposedly from a family member with a link to a photo. The email was like, “This pic doesn’t need any comments:“. Now, the thing is, my daughter usually sends me photos directly via text, or she gives me a heads up if she’s emailing something. So, this email with just a random link was super fishy.

      I didn’t click the link ’cause it screamed malware to me. I mean, who sends photos like that, right? Just wanted to put this out there for everyone. Be careful with these weird emails, especially if they don’t fit how your family or friends usually send stuff.

      Has anyone else gotten something like this? Like, you know right away it’s a scam?

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