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      Greetings to all in the community!

      We’re here to discuss, a website that has recently come under scrutiny. Based on the information gathered, it’s crucial to delve into the details and assess the legitimacy of Upnomix.

      1. Background Check

      – Domain Information: Registered in January 2021 through NameCheap, Inc., is over 6 months old.
      – Location: Based in Escazu, San José Province, Costa Rica, with an operations hub in Cape Town, South Africa.
      – Web Traffic: Limited popularity, with a global ranking of 11,728,788 and under 5,000 visitors as of January 2023.

      2. Website Offerings

      – Business Model: Upnomix positions itself as a casino management, wealth investment, and direct selling organization.
      – Flagship Project: ‘Upnomix Central’ uses blockchain technology for game operations.
      – Membership Fee: A one-time fee of $300 is required for membership.
      – Digital Presence: Active on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and Medium. They’ve promoted the ORIS token and its associated website,

      3. Red Flags and Concerns

      – Promotional Language: The website uses grandiose claims without substantial backing.
      – Vague Membership Benefits: Lack of clarity on what the $300 membership offers.
      – Testimonials Misuse: Unclear relevance of high-profile testimonials to Upnomix’s services.
      – Unusual Business Combination: The mix of casino management, wealth investment, and direct selling is unconventional.

      4. Online Reviews and Warnings

      – Scam Detector: Upnomix is marked as high risk and potentially involved in phishing activities.
      – TrustPilot: A single 1-star review labels Upnomix as a scam.
      – MLM Concerns: notes the lack of product or service for retail, focusing instead on affiliate membership and recruitment.

      5. Safety and Caution

      – Given the red flags, it’s crucial to approach Upnomix with caution.
      – Further Research: Before any investment, thorough research and verification are advised.

      Conclusion: Caution Advised

      While Upnomix presents itself as a multifaceted platform, the concerns raised by various sources and the lack of transparency call for a cautious approach. It’s essential to safeguard your investments and thoroughly vet any platform before committing funds.

      Thank you for your attention, and let’s continue to support each other in making informed and safe investment decisions.

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